SBFC 063

That Deer just did an Aegis Reflector

Show Notes 63
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Length 03:01:46
Date October 21, 2014
Guest Maximilian Dood
Previous Time Ethics Do Not Exist
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“Benny is life and the Punisher is dumb!” — Max

That Deer just did an Aegis Reflector is the sixty-third episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

The hypest podcast just got even more hype! Maximillian ( joins the fray this week as we discuss the ins and outs of Smash, KI, GGXrd and the gaming world at large. Meanwhile, Pat checks in from Japan and fills us in on his deer struggles so far.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

Some people might not know me, but I like all the same shit you do, apparently.
— Max
The syncing of tastes is complete.
— Pat
If I have to put any effort into this process at all, it's worthless!
— Pat
No one does American food better than Japan.
— Matt
Guys, this channel is just like, a slow countdown until it's a penis mashed into a camera lens.
— Pat
If I listen to you motherfuckers, I'd be kicked out of this country.
— Pat
You just stare at girl and monkeys and his butt, that's it.
— Liam
Everyone's making Pat feel bad; that seems to be the theme of this Friendcast.
— Max
He looks more like Kimbo Slice than Kimbo Slice does!
— Matt, on TJ Combo
Benny is life and the Punisher is dumb!
— Max
What if Liu Biao got lost in an ancient Chinese mall?
— Pat
Liu Biao got the panty shot.
— Woolie

Letter Time Edit

Q: Question for the hypest guest, Max: pick a bad game and add one mechanic that would save it or make it decent. from Argenis

  • Max: What if instead of assist trophies in Super Smash Bros., you chose an assist and you could only use it so many times.
  • Pat: Take PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale and make it more like Super Smash Bros.
  • Liam: Add a story mode to Soulcalibur V.

Q: Does Dead Rising count as Musou? from Vince

  • Matt: No.
  • Pat: Absolutely not.
  • Liam: No, because you have different weapons and you're in an open world.

Q: Have you ever mained a character in a fighting game and you just knew you'd never see them again? from Alfie

  • Pat: Hakan Super Street Fighter IV
  • Liam: Hakan in Super Street Fighter IV
  • Max: Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  • Woolie: Rick Strowd in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2.

Q: Have you guys ever had someone you look up to lose touch with what they said or did over time? from Daniel

  • Liam: Smash 4 shook me on Sakurai. I used to be love Nintendo Power.
  • Woolie: IGN.
  • Matt: Denis Dyack, after saying the Wii was stupid and made Too Human.
  • Pat: I try not to believe in anything.
  • Max: Tetsuya Nomura

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Max: Bayonetta 2
  • Pat: Japan.

Trivia Edit