Two Best Friends Play:

The Amazing Spider-Man

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Game The Amazing Spider-Man
Season 5
Episode 8
Length 10:56
Upload Date Aug 26, 2012
Controller Matt
Previous Sleeping Dogs
Next Slender
“That bus is just so scared that it's shaking!” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: The Amazing Spider-Man is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat control Spiderman, who slingshots his way around New York City while also trolling the shit out of people in his Happy Birthday party hat. A large part of the playthrough is looking at comics and laughing at the many silly chronicles of Spidey's past.


We should probably save the city from this cross-species virus, but let’s read some comic books instead!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon starts with Matt and Pat just enjoying their ice cream cones when all of a sudden Spiderman swoops down right next to them, to their utter amazement. Unfortunately, Spiderman is kind of a dick and swats Pat's cone out of his hand and slings a dislodging webshot at Matt's before knocking both of the Two Best Friends out.

Quotes Edit

I saw Wolverine piledrive your Mom one time
— Matt
I guess, he [Bruce Campbell] wrote that book about love. I read it, it wasn't very helpful.
— Pat
[As Emma Stone]"How did you get into my house? I have guard dogs and everything." And then your dumbass response is "uhhh uhhh... America?" and she's like "get the fuck out."
— Pat
[Zooms in on Rhino's butt] Watch Jim Carrey come birthing out of one of his holes.
— Matt


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