The Arcade Stick: A Gentleman's Guide

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Length 8:29
Date Mar 25, 2012
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“Swag like your life depended on it!” — Narrator

The Arcade Stick: A Gentleman's Guide is the tenth episode of Fighterpedia starring Billy where the narrator explains proper arcade etiquette, but after he refuses to go back, the narrator provides him with the ability to have all the fun of an arcade right at his house with a stupendous device called the arcade stick! The rest of the video is then an instructional video on how to properly arcade with the stick.

About Edit

Cursed by the controller? D-pad got you down? Trigger button troubles? Chin up, sport! You might be missing some of the benefits that the Arcade Stick can provide! Fighterpedia presents a handy Gentleman's guide to making the switch from pad to stick to Godlike!
— Video description


Get familiar the pure feel of unbridled manhood!
— The narrator on touching one's arcade stick.
God frowns upon those who play cross-hand.
— Narrator
You'll be back to that mediocre level you started at in no time!
— Narrator
They achieve their Olympian status without resorting to a stick, over a mountain of disfigured corpses.
— The narrator on pad players

Trivia Edit

  • The song used in the first half of the video is "Wild Ride" by Faux Frenchmen, from the BioShock soundtrack.
  • The song starting at 4:41 is "Liza" by Django Reinhardt, also from the BioShock soundtrack.

Gallery Edit

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