SBFC 036

The Atomic Purple House

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Length 2:51:46
Date April 15, 2014
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“When you say it might be incest...” — Pat
“It's incest.” — Liam, Woolie and Pat

The Atomic Purple House is the thirty-sixth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

There’s something a little different about today’s podcast…it must be the rain in the background. We talk about Stardust Crusaders, The Raid 2, Captain America 2, Game of Thrones [no spoilers] and a bunch of new game announcments, direct, to you! Email us at superbestfriendcast at gmail dot com.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

That's the impetus for a lot of things in our lives. I just wanted to see how cool it looks inside.
— Pat
Well, maybe one day, once the Zaibatsu grows, I can get a transparent dishwasher, just like I always wanted.
— Pat
I want my house in Atomic Purple.
— Woolie
When you say it might be incest...
— Pat
It's incest.
— Liam, Woolie and Pat
Shut up, I'm moisturising.
— Liam
We want our strong American incest!
— Woolie
There's room for ginger buns all the time.
— Woolie
One-hundred percent is a lot.
— Liam
The Nazis are the Nazis of the twenty-first century.
— Woolie
The Nazis are giving us chemtrails to make us have AIDS.
— Pat
Thanks Obama!
— Liam
Hey don't worry, everything's gonna happen.
— Liam
Ohh Nooo!!!
— Matt
I would love to play a dating sim where I am a character.
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: What are y'all opinions on six button fighters versus ones with less? from Lord Funky Fist

  • Woolie: Mediums are important, but I won't look down on someone who likes less, because Virtua Fighter has three. The worst thing ever is five button layout.
  • Pat: I prefer six or three, I don't like four.

Q: You always call the Xbox One the Xbone, it sounds negative. from Blairex

  • You know what, it does.

Q: Are the people who make no effort to understand my taste worth confronting? from Richard

  • Save your energy for the battles you know you can win.

Q: What do you think of fan made games, and if there had to be a Super Best Friends game what genre would it be? from Mark

  • There's totally a Super Best Friends game, being made by Jamie! Other than that, save that shit for the nationals.

Q: I was wondering if you guys exercise, and if so what exercises do you do? from Alice

  • Woolie: My excercises are lifting the Mailbag boxes up these stairs every day.
  • Liam: I do a lot of lower arm exercises because my wrists are shit.
  • Pat: I'm a complete piece of shit who doesn't exercise, but I do count calories.

Q: Give us your zombie apocalypse loadout. Four weapons from Eduardo

  • Pat: Screwdriver, crowbar, aluminium baseball bat, and hatchet
  • Woolie: Sledge-crowbar, smoke grenades, harpoon, and tonfa blade.
  • Liam: Any gun available to me at all.

Q: Is it possible to enjoy wrestling without ever going through that phase, where they thought it was a hundred percent real? from Roheat

  • You can still be entertained, but you won't get the same out of it as someone who does the three-way turn.

Q: What are your favourite non-alcoholic drinks of choice? from

  • Liam: Shirley Temple
  • Pat: Milk
  • Woolie: Jones Green Apple soda

Q: Play Dark Souls II on New Game Plus, it's not easy! from Tony

  • Pat: I am super aware, but I'm waiting on the PC version.

Q: The single easiest number to use when you're trying to compare publicly traded companies is the market cap. from Joshua

  • Pat: I was wrong.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first podcast episode without all four members of the Best Friends Zaibatsu, as Matt had to miss due to "important family business". [1]
  • The outro music is "Giving Kushinada A Ride", from Okami.