SBFC 083

The Beard Doesn't Move Very Much, But When It Does, You'd Better Listen

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Length 2:54:17
Date Mar 10, 2015
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“Get your Cyber Dog out of my Cyber Dog.” — Pat

The Beard Doesn't Move Very Much, But When It Does, You'd Better Listen. is the eighty-third episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Matt and Woolie return from PAX East, Liam returns from Mexico, and Pat
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

The closer it is to breakfast, the more Woolie throws up in his mouth.
— Matt
Did you just say Napoleo-tan? What is that, like the Japanese cartoon version of little Napoleon that's, like, a little girl?
— Pat
Criminal Girls 2: Death Row Hime.
— Woolie
I was getting a bunch of messages from you in Mexico about how buttmad you were.
— Pat
...and I'm guessing that's where they burn... happiness?
— Matt
Get your Cyber Dog out of my Cyber Dog.
— Pat
♫ Leave and learn! ♫
— Matt
Yeah, leave and learn. ♫ Fighting to unruin your multiplayer shooters. ♫
— Pat
You guys have a leg up on the ballooning Splatoon porn market.
— Pat
So few companies operate in the sky at this point.
— Liam
You know the drawing of the caveman standing up? Now there will be a new one of him bending over to open a crate full of goodies.
— Pat
Why are you putting drugs in the dog?
— Pat
No! He's smelling himself.
— Matt
We cried more than the baby did!
— Woolie
Batista is about to punch Daniel Brian but then he looks at his hand and Batista starts fading away.
— Matt
The first fight is gonna be Nobunaga versus that baby.
— Liam
What's going on with IGN? Everything is leaking out their butts.
— Pat
The podcast conversations are so exciting I need to go to the bathroom.
— Matt

Letter Time Edit

Q: How can you swear by Tiamat's plot guide when he doubts the canonicity of Rival Schools? from

Q: What is the Super Best Friends flavor at Ben & Jerry's? from Caleb

  • Matt: Like what do we taste like?
  • Pat: What's Ben & Jerry's?
  • Woolie: Cookie Dough with salt on it and a big Fourth of July sparkler sticking out of it
  • Liam: Cookie Dough

Q: Subject: Nigga Things; Hey yo, Woolie. I love that you're representing us. Even if I'm Asian, I'm black on the inside. Please answer why black people love anime the most. from Melvin

  • Pat: I didn't know that black people liked anime the most.
  • Woolie: Melvin, listen up, real close. You listening? Stop it.

Q: To the best of my knowledge, the Skinner's Box is a psychological conditioning device in which a button is pressed and a reward is given. In video games, when is it too much of a Skinner's Box? from Jacob aka Kennedy Maximal

  • Pat: When it costs money to press the button.
  • Woolie: Shinys in Pokemon.
  • Liam: When I'm coming back specifically for a reward on another day.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Pat: Monster Hunter 4
  • Woolie: Xeodrifter
  • Liam: Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters

Trivia Edit

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