SBFC 104

The DBZ Fanfiction Revue

Show Notes 104
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Length 3:26:25
Date Aug 3, 2015
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“The horseporn monitor is the best monitor for fighting games.” — Pat

The DBZ Fanfiction Revue is episode 104 of Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

In which we discuss our Horseporn<dot>com subscriptions, and impending VR integration. Happy Birthday Friendcast!
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

Ten year subscribers will receive a free gallon of horse dicks.
— Liam
The horseporn monitor is the best monitor for fighting games.
— Pat
Horseporn<dot>com. We're expanding.
— Woolie
It shows on your billing and we ship it to your parents' house.
— Woolie
I've got four years to milk this. Get the pumps.
— Pat
Do you know how fast you can go through a game if you aren't bound by space and time?
— Pat
The bank technically owns my organs.
— Pat
Please don't make a fan site to this podcast on horsecock<dot>com.
— Pat
I feel like you're calling out a cop out just to deflect from your own cop out.
— Liam
And maybe you're getting wise to my schemes. So shut up, Liam!
— Pat
You got how mayn Harlok figure this quarter?
— Liam
I need to buy all the typo log ins so even when I'm at my horniest and most incoherent, I can still get in.
— Liam
The Auto-Blow Whinny and Nuzzle pack.
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: Do you think a western company will ever be able to make a good character action game? from Bernard

  • Pat: Sure, eventually.
  • Woolie: Ninja Theory can do it if they have the right focus.
  • Liam: Vigil almost did it.

Q: If one Killer Instinct character should have a spin-off game, who should it be? from Alex

  • Pat: A horror game with Hisako as the villain and your character has character action abilities but she's able to just eat it and counter you.
  • Woolie:Kon_Ra/Aganos.
  • Liam: Saberwolf... wait fuck. "Too late!" -Woolie

Q: do you often not complete games that are not LP related and if so, why? from Silus

  • Pat: Yes, because there are too many.
  • Woolie: I have X hours per week that can be spent on any given game and maybe I'll beat it.
  • Liam: I try to beat fifty-two games a year.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Pat: Ordering a Horseporn monitor.
  • Woolie: Financial meeting, Attack on Titan movie.
  • Liam: Attack on Titan movie

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the outro is "Motion of a Finishing Blow" from Valkyrie Profile 2.
  • Matt was unable to attend this episode of the podcast due to sudden wedding planning problems that he had to deal with.