SBFC 157

The Dark Olympics

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Length 2:26:45
Date Aug 8, 2016
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“Now that I see Rainbow Dash next to the Holocaust victims, now I get it.” — Pat

The Dark Olympics is the one-hundred and fifty-seventh episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Movie impressions for Don’t Breathe, Lights Out, Suicide Squad, and Ghostbusters. We get into new Pokemon leaks, Overwatch lootbox shenanigans, and No Moan’s Sky day one patch: No Man’s Sky 2.
— Website description


Our cultural ignorance is our downfall yet again.
— Pat
When I was a kid, me and my friend would always try to get the best collector's cups from McDonald's of Silence of the Lambs.
— Matt
People just make up these words and they put them in there, Woolie. It's gibberish.
— Liam about dictionaries
So, if this is an anti-hero box, are Zack Snyder's interpretations of DC heroes are all in this box?
— Matt
Break glass in case of Korea abandoning Starcraft 2.
— Pat
They're not going around the office saying, 'Oh my god. Overwatch is underperforming!'. Release more crates.
— Liam
Snap judgements are always the most accurate and reliable judgements.
— Pat
You didn't need to put a poster of a black metal fist that says 'Aug Power' on the wall.
— Pat
Now that I see Rainbow Dash next to the Holocaust victims, now I get it.
— Pat
That's a good game. Stand or Ultimate Muscle character.
— Matt

Letter Time Edit

Q: What's a fictional race you think is awesome or superior? from Wappy Poochy Pupper Friends

  • Matt: Night Elves in Warcraft.
  • Pat: Species 8472 from Star Trek Voyager.
  • Woolie: Elcor from Mass Effect.
  • Liam: Lizardmen in Warhammer.

Q: What do you think Catherine 2 would be like? Do you think it would be interesting with a female lead? from Paul

  • Matt: That would probably be fun.
  • Pat: Your character is Catherine and you have a shit child and you have to decide to beat them or not.
  • Woolie: It would be fun for an hour but the story would have to go somewhere else.
  • Liam: It's not bad.

Q: Pick the title of a video game to describe your sex life. Example: Half-Minute Hero from Justin

  • Matt: Snake Eater, Brute Force, Devil May Cry
  • Pat: Mass Effect, No Man's Sky, Eternal Darkness, Ride to Hell, Monster Hunter
  • Woolie: Shadow of the Colossus, Infinite Undiscovery, Heavensward, Mega Man Soccer
  • Liam: Bloodborne, Biohazard, God Eater, Super Mario Strikers

Q: What's a Stand design that you like? from Chris

  • Matt: Silver Chariot
  • Pat: Hanged Man
  • Woolie: White Snake
  • Liam: Harvest

Q: Woolie, are you still playing Yomi? from Unknown

  • Woolie: Yes.

Q: Why is ZZ Gundam so childish? from Eric

  • Pat: I hear the first arc is like that. I haven't watched it yet.
  • Woolie: it gets more serious but is ultimately not worth it.

Q: Do you fancy yourselves as chefs? What's your main recipe? from Unknown

  • Matt: Some Korean dish and my mom's marinate
  • Woolie: Pasta Rosee
  • Liam: Liam Dip and Hamburgers

Q: Do you prefer LPs of games you know the audience has already seen or would you rather they be new viewers to the game? from South Pole Guy or Jeff or Whatever

  • All: People who are like, "I didn't know this existed. Thanks for showing me this, I have to go get it.".
  • Pat: Same unless I know the game better than everyone else like Resident Evil 2.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Lucha Underground and opening the LUUUP.
  • Pat: Stranger Things.
  • Woolie: The Jinx.
  • Liam: No Man's Sky and Bloodstained update.

Trivia Edit