Best Friends Play

The Deadly Tower of Monsters!

Tower of Monsters Title
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Game The Deadly Tower of Monsters
Combined Length 23:01
Original Run Feb 9, 2016
Controller Matt
“You've got a good space stick. I love your space stick.” — Liam

Best Friends Play The Deadly Tower of Monsters! is a one-off episode in which Matt and Liam

About Edit

So, alot of people say we ripped off a similar film from a few years back. It had the exact same plot, the hero had a different name of course, Richard Slowpecker...but we did re-use most of the sets, extras and special effects. So those people that called us hacks? Yeah, they were right. Wait, what was I talking about?
— Video description

Quotes Edit

You're making me damage my eyes on purpose. Again.
— Matt
That's why you have glasses.
— Liam
You've got a good space stick. I love your space stick.
— Liam
It's like that one Kokiri girl that's like, 'Look up her. Lock on to me. We're talking.'.
— Matt
“'Look! Link! Speak to me. Don't ignore me. I have nothing in my life.'.
— Liam
“'All I do is sit here and wait for new Kokiri children to become birthed into reality so I can tell them about the lock on.'.
— Matt
He's adorable, I know, but you gotta kill him.
— Liam
I love the puppet dick.
— Liam
It's the best kind.
— Matt

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