This is an extended page of the The Evil Within (Full Let's Play) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Okay Mikami, do your worst to break our psychos....within...evil. I fucked up and the first four episodes contain the FPS counter! Enjoy mocking my competency AND my rigs framedrops!
— Part one
Time for me to fumble around and do poorly while trying to stealthkill these..."haunted"?
— Part two
Oh yay, a huge spooky village filled with bullshit. And chainsaws.
— Part three
Wow, we take on zombie predator in this one, except even MORE invisible.
— Part four
Danger in the "safe" zone? Jeez Mikami, give me a break. Also it'd be nice if the game didn't crash.
— Part five
Holy god damn shit, an escort mission? How could this POSSIBLY GET ANY WORSE. FUCK.
— Part six
We need to rebuild! While I'm playing through this again, might as well look at all the stuff I missed!
— Part seven
Alright! Back on the wagon! Hopefully this wagon doesn't crash! Hah, get it?
— Part eight
— Part nine
Oh boy, the RE4 cabin level! I sure hope I do well here!
— Part ten
Jeez, that was tough. Now let's slow it down and wait for the inevitable gross shoe to drop.
— Part eleven
Wow, the RE4 comparisons are really going to become unavoidable now, and not in a good way.
— Part twelve
Holy shit fuck this boss fuck this BOSS DAMNIT JOE WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR GLASSES.
— Part thirteen
This game is cursed I tellz ya, cursed!
— Part fourteen
Yo Safe man, get outta my face, man!
— Part fifteen
Let's stomp on some tiny deformed thingies shan't we?
— Part sixteen
Get outta my way Ruvik, I gotta shove things in these dudes brains for brain goo! I mean...JEEZ!
— Part seventeen
I guess we're just gunna call this guy BloodMan? Cuz he's like...made out of blood n'stuff.
— Part eighteen
Oh joy, traps? No problem. Traps triggered by INVISIBLE TRIPWIRES? Maybe a bit tougher.
— Part nineteen
Hey Laura. You don't look so good. Little worse for wear. Is it maybe cuz I FUCKED YOU UP LAST TIME?!
— Part twenty
Can I possibly beat two bosses in this episode? Tune in to find out! I didn't say I'd do it well, though.
— Part twenty-one
Ah! A change of scenery, how welcome. Hope we don't run into any god damn bullshit enemy types here!
— Part twenty-two
The slow moving platform part of this level is very likely the worst part of the entire god damn game. Holy shit. ENJOY!
— Part twenty-three
This mannequin factory was honestly cooler when it was Condemned 2s doll factory that was on fire.
— Part twenty-four
Oh cmon. Seriously? Yknow what makes me scared? MOUNTED TURRET SEQUENCES OH YEAH
— Part twenty-five
The search for green goo/bioslime continues. Will we possibly get enough before fighting Safe Man once more?!
— Part twenty-six
Excuse me, did you really have to put all these electricity traps all over?
— Part twenty-seven
Invisible boss huh? That's a new one. But it won't stop us, we're comin' for you Ruvik!
— Part twenty-eight
Jeez Ruvik, you sure got a big set of eyeballs don't you? It reminds me of John Romero, for some reason.
— Part twenty-nine
Well. We don't really know what happened. Okay then. Buy the DLC I guess.
— Part thrity Final

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