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The Expendables 2

Expendables 2 Title
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Game The Expendables 2
Length 19:13
Controller Matt, Pat, Woolie, Liam
Upload Date Aug 16, 2014
“Dolph Lundgren is melting pretty good.” — Pat

Best Friends Zaibatsu Play The Expendables 2 is a one-off episode in which Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam invade the Balkans as a cavalcade of classic action heroes and have trouble logging in, steal each other's characters, charge their grenade meters, discuss Stallone based sexual tension, and kill snipers with boredom.


The whole gang tries their hand at being cool manly badasses. We fail pretty hard.
— Website description


Can I be Last Action Hero?
— Liam
In case anyone was wondering, this is not my gamertag.
— Liam, referring to Didlo Baggins
Oh, Guest. The best player.
— Matt
Dolph Lundgren is melting pretty good.
— Pat
I will heal you. I will grab your dick.
— Matt
Stop or My Mom Will Shoot! I am the law! How come no one liked Cop Land?
— Matt as Sylvester Stallone
One hundred pounds of dick, right?
— Pat
Why is my Stallone just Yogi Bear?
— Matt
I fucking ate it. i took it down in my throat and swallowed it.
— Woolie
And you also died in the game.
— Matt
The hardest possible crash... for the hardest possible game!
— Woolie


  • This is the first video to use the title Best Friends Zaibatsu Play.
  • As stated in an annotation in the video, the audio for this episode is off by a few seconds.


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