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Expendabros Title
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Game The Expendabros
Length 27:33
Controller Matt, Pat, Woolie, Liam
Upload Date Aug 16, 2014
“Expend your balls.” — Liam

Best Friends Zaibatsu Play THE EXPENDABROS! is a one-off episode in which Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam chase after jerk-ass Mel Gibson as they go through puberty again, screen scroll kill each other, talk about Patrice O'Neal, leave every man behind, and shoot salt with their assault rifles.


We blow shit up and get blown up with the Expendabros!
— Website Description


— Woolie
Guys, I'm growing hair... in places I didn't have hair.
— Pat
My voice just cracked.
— Liam
My extra balls just dropped!
— Woolie
Don't build me up buttercup just to let me down.
— Woolie
You know Wesley Snipes takes all credit for super hero movies getting big, eh?
— Matt
If you have the credit for all super hero movies, then you're also to blame for Twilight.
— Pat
Oh Morpho, you stole my Doritos recipe.
— Liam
You're literally Team Ikaruga. The blackest guy with the whitest guy.
— Matt
Liam's gun-jumping off his own visible screen.
— Pat
Expend your balls.
— Liam


  • Matt and Woolie also did a video for the original Broforce game.


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