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Game The Fall
Episodes 6
Combined Length 03:44:16
Original Run Nov 21, 2014 - Dec 5, 2014
Controller Woolie
Space is cold, did you know that? That's kinda why they invented space, because they couldn't invent fridges” — Liam

Best Friends Play The Fall is a full Let's Play in which Woolie and Liam travel an unknown world as a robotic suit to save the pilot inside them as they discuss their future space fears, slit robo-throats and suck babies through a tube.


Our first ever LP recorded entirely underwater!
— Website description

See the individual episode descriptions at the The Fall Descriptions page.

Quotes Edit

Space is cold, did you know that? That's kinda why they invented space, because they couldn't invent fridges.
I don't have my morph ball yet.
I'd be scared if someone ordered it to open the dick hole, and you couldn't close the dick hole all day, and you were just stuck with the dick hole open.
Okay, so welcome to the episode where we're dumb asses.
Don't let people know I'm a robot.
Shit. The channel's greatest secret.
Yeah, the house-arrest bot.
I wasn't paying attention. I was talking about blowjob bots.
Ghoulish wooden family. Just like my own.
You've got one method of interacting with things. Gun!
Just like in real life.
Run Eddie Guerrero.exe.
Just put the baby directly in the middle of the didgeridoo hole.
We totally have to suck the baby through the fucking tube.
You get a message on LinkedIn. Cat Pee wants to network with you.
Network with a plank of wood. You heard it here first.
Why not? That kid in, what was it, Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy did it.
This is where the Slurm comes out?


  • This was originally planned to be a quick look one-off episode, but Woolie and Liam decided the game was good enough and not too long, and turned it into a full LP. This is mentioned in part one.
  • The following warning was placed in the description for part two of this LP: "PSA: Due to a recording issue, I regret to inform you that the audio quality for the last two episodes (5&6) is fucking abysmal. Please watch this LP at your own discretion. With that said, if you feel not watching it is best for you because of that, I'd still like to take a second to recommend you check out The Fall yourself. The ending is hella' good."

Gallery Edit

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