Cryme Tyme:

The Getaway

The Getaway Cryme Tyme
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Game The Getaway
Length 27:50
Upload Date Jun 25, 2015
Controller Woolie
Previous Bad Boys Miami Takedown
Next The Con
“We have to hang on to him like a crumpet in a footie match.” — Woolie

The Getaway is a Cryme Tyme episode in which Matt and Woolie take a course in the language of Cockney as they go down with the car/ship, take a breather during a gunfight, and become true RocknRollas.


U wot, m8t? Swear on me' mum!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Apparently we're going to be playing 'Don' Go Rounin' Roun To Re Ro'.
— Woolie
Not me mum's! I was about to swear on her!
— Matt
I already think this is an unrealistic game because it's not raining all the time.
— Matt
We have to hang on to him like a crumpet in a footie match.
— Woolie
This is almost like the Dark Souls of a GTA game.
— Matt
Lady, you can no longer walk but it was for the queen, it's all right. Do it for the Commonwealth.
— Woolie
Right in the gut.
— Woolie
Right in my todger. I need that. I was gonna put that in a bird later.
— Matt
We're coming for ya. We just need to play this last game of FIFA.
— Matt
This is like Jurassic Park: Trespasser of England.
— Matt
That barrel didn't support the same club you did so it's a good thing you killed it.
— Matt
Winston Churchill, no wonder you were such a bad-ass. You just told your soldiers to lean up on the walls and you'd win the war no problem.
— Woolie


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