Friday Night Fisticuffs

The King of Fighters XIV

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Game The King of Fighters XIV
Upload Date Aug 26, 2016
Length 59:04
Previous Fighter's Destiny
Next Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku
“Rawr Rawr. I'm a dinosaur.” — Pat

The King of Fighters XIV is the ninety-first episode of the Friday Night Fisticuffs series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam watch as King of Fighters enters into a whole new dimension where the most ridiculous looking characters are based on real life and recording equipment bursts into flames.


Thanks to Atlus and John Hardin for the review code!
— Video Description


Instead of 'Caution' it should have just said, 'Are you okay?'.
— Matt
Rawr Rawr. I'm a dinosaur.
— Pat
Tizoc's Scary Monsters.
— Woolie
It was take your kid to work day and then Geese just forgot, so Rock's been living up there, munching on whatever little edibles.
— Woolie

Wins/Losses Edit

Matt 3/1
Pat 5/2
Woolie 1/3
Liam 0/3

Letter TimeEdit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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