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The Last Guardian

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Game The Last Guardian
Length 1:13:37
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Dec 22, 2016
“Don't worry, it'll be terrible.” — Pat

The Last Guardian is a one-off episode that features Pat and Woolie justify buying their PS4s by piloting a small child to it's inevitable death at the paws of a giant, wild, monster.

About Edit

Big exhale. Big nervous.
— Website description

Quotes Edit

I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm really scared.
— Woolie
Why are you scared?
— Pat
What if it's not enough? What if it's not good enough?
— Woolie
Don't worry, it'll be terrible.
— Pat
It hasn't been real until the controller was put into my hand.
— Woolie
It is shocking to me that what I'm playing at home is Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian.
— Pat
I want the person who picks up that shield to be an anthropomorphic Trico in a business suit.
— Pat

{{Quoter|Speaking of shit that's never going away, [[Dark Souls|'Try but whole.' is never going away.|Pat}}

Not until you try it.
— Woolie
He's gotta scratch his asshole, man. Dog's can't scratch their assholes like we can.
— Pat

[{Quoter|Every one of those feathers is a dead PS3.|Pat}}