This is an extended page of the The Last of Us "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Finally, a really good game to play! And it starts off with something I've been hoping for forever.
— Part one
Our adventure continues as we go visit apocalypse Dog Eyes and discover even post apocalypse america has waist high cover.
— Part two
Things have gone from bad to worse, and now even Matts guessing the plot correctly. It's all fucked.
— Part three
Finally home free! And it's worse than before! Also I'm a stealthy hobo ninja.
— Part four
Jeez these clickers are a bunch of badass mushroom heads.
— Part five
To the Capitol building! I sure hope nothing bad happens there!
— Part six
Off to a new part of town, where all of our old problems follow us anyway!
— Part seven
Wow Bill, you really are kinda nuts aren't you? And you Ellie? You're gettin Moxy points all over, you're cool.
— Part eight
Wow, I'm REALLY bad at this. FUCK.
— Part nine
Well, alls shit that ends shit and then we go even farther and find more shit I guess man everything is fucking shit.
— Part ten
Exploring the wonderful city of Pittsburgh, and making new friends on the way, while making excuses all the while.
— Part eleven
To the hotel! Reminds me of our trip to E3 it does.
— Part twelve
Well, if you didn't think I was shit before, you probably will after this one. But it's hard! Really!
— Part thirteen
Back to the bridge, where we face the most hated of all videogame enemies. The truck!
— Part fourteen
New friends? VOLTRON?! YEAH.

BONUS - I forget to edit out nearly a minute of time! WHOOPS

— Part fifteen
Oh great, a sewer level. At least I stealth pretty good during that one part!
— Part sixteen
Good ol fashioned scrounging, some of our furry friends, and some super butthurt dude in a tower. What's not to like about this town?
— Part seventeen
Well, what a great summer that was! I also don't understand puzzles.
— Part eighteen
Ellie, you're garbage, your horse is garbage, and Dork Girl is a huge Dork.
— Part nineteen
To the university! To have a nice long walk and talk about dumb bullshit while I botch another molotov toss.
— Part twenty
Now's my time to fuckin shine! WHOO!
— Part twenty-one
Shit goes wrong, again, of course. And hey what's that? Well that's a surprise. Well not really, cept for Naughty Dogs bein super liars. But that's okay, cuz this shits cool.
— Part twenty-two
Alright Garbage, let's do it. Let's literally fight creepy rape culture. Poorly. Oh well we tried.
— Part twenty-three
Ellie continues her ongoing battle against rape culture, with surprisingly positive results.
— Part twenty-four
Just about in the home stretch, but first, my most difficult battle yet. Finding the E3 Giraffe.

I'm not crazy.

— Part twenty-five
Well that's all she wrote! Pat proves he's a irredeemable monster with selfish motives. Big shocker.
— Part twenty-six Final

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