The Box Art Critique With Woolie & Matt

The Legend of Zelda

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Length 1:00:52
Upload Date Mar 7, 2017
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“Hey kids, it's gonna be a rough time on your ass.” — Matt

The Legend of Zelda is a The Box Art Critique With Woolie & Matt episode in which Matt and Woolie take a closer look at Link's fat ass,

About Edit

Get your tunics and start smashing pots because it's time to stroll through the artistic works of the Kingdom of Hyrule! Join Woolie and Matt as they peruse the hallowed halls of this legendary franchise.
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Excuuuuse me, Matt!
— Woolie
It's all about that hot, steamy wild breath.
— Woolie
Let's say there was another NES game that came out and it'd be called like, 'The Donkey Punch of Ganon'.
— Matt
Hey kids, it's gonna be a rough time on your ass.
— Matt


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