Super Best Friends Play

The Long Dark

The Long Dark Title
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Game The Long Dark
Season 12
Episode 9
Length 12:26
Upload Date Aug 6, 2017
Controller Pat
Previous Final Fantasy XII
Next Mega Man Legacy Collection 2
“You'll never find all the money if you don't haul my corpse down.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play The Long Dark is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat star in a short PSA about surviving in the frozen wasteland that is Canada.


Many injuries are bound to happen when you rarely even leave your house.
— Video description


...And I got lost in the dark because I broke down wood for a few hours and then I pissed and shit myself and died of dysentery.
— Pat
Yeah but what did you do in the game.
— Matt
Why were you flying a plane completely naked?
— Pat
Hey man, Mile High Club
— Matt
Your clothes are ripped and your asshole's cracked.
— Matt
Remember: wind sucks shit.
— Pat
I don't have to pay taxes if I just live out in the snow and eat orange Crush and drink beef jerky.
— Matt
Yeah, you would think that, but someone will find you and make you pay taxes.
— Pat
Remember folks, there's no reason to feel bad, because a rabbit will kill you and everything you hold dear.
— Matt
Some herbivores are so spiteful they'll let themselves die just to trap other things.
— Matt
You'll never find all the money if you don't haul my corpse down.
— Matt

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