Jurassic Week Part #4

The Lost World (PSX)

Jurassic Week Lost PSX
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Game The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Length 38:00
Upload Date Jun 11, 2015
Controller Pat
Previous Jurassic Park II: The Chaos Continues
Next Warpath Jurassic Park/Dino Rex
“Science, don't correct us if what you have to offer is less cool.” — Matt

The Lost World (PSX) is the fourth episode in the Jurassic Week series. In this video, Matt and Pat take their pet compy on a journey through either the first or third Jurassic Park island where they enjoy breakfast like decent human beings, experience life as the weak, cowardly T-Rex, feed Dennis Nedry to the post office, and cast Gary Sinise and Betty White as the new "Fuckface and Chewy".


MR. DNA's DINO FACTS: Most scientists and paleontologists agree that the early Jurassic period was plagued by jittering textures, awful load times, and boring 2.5 gameplay! There's a display in the national british musuem about it I think!
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

I was all happy before this moment.
— Pat
I'm always worried about putting Liam in Jurassic Park videos because I know he's going to eventually spoil it by talking about feathers.
— Matt
Science, don't correct us if what you have to offer is less cool.
— Matt
Don't correct me. Just let it sit there like I'm an asshole.
— Pat
Me and Matt were getting drunk before talking about how much we love breakfast, and someone who doesn't. It's up to you to figure out who doesn't love breakfast.
— Pat
He was having some collision issues. It happens to everyone.
— Pat
It's easy to trick people when they're inside each other.
— Pat
It's called the cloaca. All sex is butt sex.
— Pat
If you don't experience it yourself, you'll never understand!
— Pat
Our children are free-er than your children because they can see boobs on t.v.
— Pat
Remember CSI New York is what actually damages children. Not because of the gore but because it's New York.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • The intro animation was done by lord-phillock.
  • According to Pat, he and Matt were drinking before recording this episode.
  • This may have been the first video recorded for Jurassic Week as Pat talks about using the this song to remember the Jurassic Park theme song. Matt then sings part of the song in every subsequent video.


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