SBFC 037

The Man-Train Needs to be Tightly Knit

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Length 3:01:58
Date April 22, 2014
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“Bobby Kotick is not Lordgenome!” — Pat

The Man-Train Needs to be Tightly Knit is the thirty-seventh episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

We try out Boss Coffee and take the Haribo challenge! We also discuss quitting Naughty Dog employees, development hell, and an amazing looking game called HOVER. Email us at
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

I am going to advise against a situation in which we have diarrhetic coffee from a foreign land, topped off with butt exploders while that reaction may occur within the sound of this microphone.
— Pat
The Haribo gambit is on.
— Woolie
The scariest thing in Japan is a game made in America.
— Matt
I'm glad we got to talk about Log Horizon.
— Liam
The man train needs to be tightly knit.
— Woolie
I wish the listener could hear my face right now.
— Pat
That's the robot I wanna play, that's the girl I wanna use.
— Woolie
You are doing everything you can to shit your pants on this podcast.
— Pat
Bobby Kotick is not Lordgenome!
— Pat
Skylanders is Catherdal Terra.
— Woolie
I don't think there's any series-bar Coronation Street-that you couldn't get through in two weeks.
— Liam
He's the original HBO.
— Matt, on the Roman Coliseum
Put it in then!
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: My name is Dylan and and I'm thirteen and I know that seems young, but I think I get most of your jokes. Anyway, the teacher asked us who inspires us the most, and it's probably you guys. Also, tell my stupid friend Jacob that he's a liar. Is it cold up there? Because it's cold down here. from Dylan

  • That was a really sweet letter.

Q: Can we water down Salty Liam, because every time he gets into a fight with Salty Pat, it's like mommy and daddy fighting from Corey Den

  • We'll try to tone it down.

Q: Pat, I remember said during a Nintendo reveal that the presenter had a game that was running at 1080p and he was asked if it was running at 1080p, and had no idea. How do you differentate between a game running in 720p 30FPS and 720p 60FPS versus 1080p 30FPS and 1080p 60FPS? from Tony Starks

  • Pat: You look at it with your eyeballs.
  • Woolie: Does it look super smooth.
  • Liam: You might never know.

Q: If you could turn any landmark into a human embodiment, would you wanna do it, and would you wanna hang out? from C. McCelvy

  • Pat: I'd kick it with the Statue of Liberty. I'd like to hang out with the Arc de Triumph.
  • Matt: I'd kick it with Mount Rushmore.
  • Liam: I just wanna play with Hachiko.
  • Woolie: The Aurora Borealis as a person would be sick.

Q: Something we forgot to push but forgot about it: now that's pre-alpha! What do you think the hardest struggle that an indie developer has to get past is? from Morgan

  • Pat: Getting seen.
  • Liam: Getting development anywhere off the ground, and keeping your employees.
  • Woolie: The reliable programmer.

Q: Are there any games you played with your parents or siblings on a regular basis? from Ryan

  • Liam: Streets of Rage with my dad.
  • Pat: NHLPA Hockey '93 with my dad and Tetris with my sister.
  • Woolie: Street Fighter and Yoshi's Island
  • Matt: In 1994, my sister and I would play Donkey Kong Country.

Q: Besides the awesomeness of Zach, if you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be and why? from Aaron

  • Liam: Giraffe
  • Pat: Liger
  • Matt: Siberian Husky
  • Woolie: Peregrine Falcon

Q: If you could do any job that did not involve gaming, what would it be? from Zasha

  • Liam: Whatever I have to do to get to space.
  • Pat: I couldn't answer this question when I was three years old, and I sure as hell can't answer it now.
  • Woolie: Tests out vacation packages
  • Matt: I wanted to be a voice actor.

Q: If you play Lee silently, you see some really good moments. from a name that cannot be pronounced

  • That's crazy.

Q: How much time do you have to play personal games for fun. from Ben

  • Not a lot.

Q: What genre would you have disappear in order to have blow up another genre? from Adam Jensen

  • Woolie: First-person shooters with first-person adventure games.
  • Pat: Porn games for fighting games
  • Liam: First-person shooters for 4Ex games.
  • Matt: Eliminate all sports sims games for beat 'em ups.

Zaibatsu WatchEdit

  • Liam: Demon Gaze
  • Pat: PC version of Dark Souls II
  • Matt: Trials Fusion
  • Woolie: Hover

Trivia Edit

  • This episode's outro music is the Power Rangers in Space theme song.