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The Order 1886

The Order Title
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Game The Order 1886
Season 9
Episode 12
Length 14:10
Upload Date Feb 22, 2015
Controller Liam
Previous Assassin's Creed Unity
Next Dragon Ball XenoVerse
“Nikola Tesla is totally Serbian.” — Pat
“We should ask Woolie. He's an expert on Serbian films.” — Matt

The Order 1886 is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat and Liam defend jolly old England and their Jabba the Hutt queen from freaky half-breed dog people as they hide their button prompts, hang out with an overly horny Frenchman, pray to the dark lord Dreamcast, and rid the streets of verminous Hufflepuffs.

About Edit

Have a spare 13 minutes? Then watch us beat The Order 1886 in it's entirety! HI-OHHHHHH!
— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

Now I'm a man!
— Matt
Now I'm a Kamen Rider.
— Liam
That's what guns are good for. Melee.
— Matt
When are we gonna get a main character, who's in such a bad place, that they just shit their pants?
— Pat
I'm pretty sure Ethan Mars did that several times.
— Matt
Is this one of those games where Liam O'Brien is going to be talking to himself?
— Matt
I thought you were gonna say Coronation Street is the reason England's economy has not collapsed.
— Matt
We need to distract them with Coronation Street so they don't make V for Vendetta.
— Pat
Give me some of your Vagisil, I need to use it on my mustache.
— Matt
Maybe it's how limey you'll get.
— Matt
Do you fight better if you have something to fight for or do you fight better because you have nothing to lose?
— Matt
Women make weak legs.
— Pat
Should we find out where these Lycans are coming from or should we just go home and play a tournament of FIFA?
— Matt
Nikola Tesla is totally Serbian.
— Pat
We should ask Woolie. He's an expert in Serbian films.
— Matt
Look at his fucking glove! It's as good looking as the one OJ used!
— Liam
But I'm not a make believe character like Nikola Tesla.
— Matt
Smoke around your children! They'll get double strong!
— Pat


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