Two Best Friends Play:

The Punisher

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Game The Punisher
Season 4
Episode 11
Length 13:48
Upload Date Apr 1, 2012
Controller Matt
Previous Prison Break
Next Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks

For the full Let's Play, see The Punisher (Full Let's Play).

“All I know about The Punisher is... everything.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: The Punisher is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat are The Punisher, or rather, Matt gets to pretend he's The Punisher even more so than usual. Many puns are thrown around when people die horrible deaths (some by The Punisher himself) and Matt impresses us all with his immense knowledge of the Marvel character.


The greatest hero of all time does what he does best, kill everyone with Rhino Assists!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon has Matt walking down a back alley Punisher style with three rifles in hand looking tough when Pat sneaks out of the trash can scaring Matt into unconsciousness like a little babby.

Quotes Edit

You know what, when I look back at McGruff the Crime dog, all I can think of is he's a creepy dog in a trench coat hanging around kids.
— Pat
[After bursting into a room and shooting people with shotgun] Welcome to The Thunderdome!
— Matt
[Thug: "Hey it's that Finisher dude."] I know The Finisher!
— Pat
The Finisher is the greatest superhero ever created.
— Matt
[Thug: "Aw shit, you ain't Maurice!"] That's right, I ain't Maurice! Remember my name!
— Matt
[After throwing a man into a wood chipper] That guy was a chip off the old block.
— Matt
[After slamming The Russian's head with a fridge door] Would you like an ice cold brewski?!
— Pat
Looks like you're about to get a... shocking personality. [The Punisher then throws a man into an electrical transformer killing him]
— Pat


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