The Amazing Superfriends!

The Punisher (Arcade)

Superfriends Arcade Punisher
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Game The Punisher (Arcade)
Length 47:33
Controller Matt and Liam
Previous Marvel Super Hero Squad
Next Aquaman
“Oh, the punchline is nothing. Good thing our job isn't telling jokes on YouTube.” — Liam

The Punisher (Arcade) is the thirteenth episode in the Best Friends' The Amazing Superfriends! special.


This isn't's PUNISHMENT! But the good kind!
— Video Description


Matt and Liam, after seeing their families murdered by mafia hitmen, start their personal war on crime by petting dog Zach, fighting dominatrixes and pretty cyborgs, doing ballerina spins, walking through a sewer filled with Poisons and Roxies, dodging forest barrels, getting hit with disco lasers, and going Triple H on Kingpin.


The opening animation is the same one used for Spiderman (PS1).

Quotes Edit

This is probably written by Marvel Man, or whoever writes Marvel comics.
— Liam
Taking crime out, one barbecue at a time!
— Matt
I'm just gonna Fred Durst it the entire time.
— Matt
Dude, stop. I don't know about that, I don't know about the Soviet Union, I don't know about any of this old shit.
— Liam
You got twelve-million points for Scully. Mulder's next.
— Matt
The Punisher is The Batman that gets the job done.
— Matt
Hey everyone, go on Woolie's Tumblr and make sure to tell him how much he loves Biker Mice.
— Matt
Quick, jump onto the danger below.
— Liam
I can't believe I'm in the sewers fighting Nick Fury. Hes throwing lances at me. What has my life become?
— Matt, as sewer thug
Liam lives right next to the lord of darkness, confirmed.
— Matt
It's not as bad as you'd think. He makes a good neighbor, frankly.
— Liam
Oh, the punchline is nothing. Good thing our job isn't telling jokes on Youtube.
— Liam
You're a loose canon Punisher! You're an endangerment to the team!
— Liam
Did you ever see the Daredevil movie?
— Matt
Oh God no. I mean, I did, but I stopped like 5 minutes in.
— Liam
Street Fighter 3rd Strike: Fight for Breadsticks.
— Matt
If you don't like Q Sounds, I'll point you to the dick you can fuck off of.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

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