This is an extended page of the The Punisher (Full Let's Play) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


WAR JOURNAL #1 - "Was walking down to a local crackhouse just outside my apartment for a little spring cleaning. On the way over, I saw a child jaywalk so I fucking suplexed him so hard his head exploded."
— Part one
WAR JOURNAL #2 - "I watched some more of these animated cartoons from Japan last night. Now, I don't entirely trust Japan because most (if not all) of the Ninjas I've killed came from there, but these cartoons seem pretty interesting. Will need to do some more recon."
— Part two
WAR JOURNAL #3 - "After doing some more recon on these Japanese cartoons, it seems some people refer to them as Japanimations. I also filled out an online survey and it seems my personality type is considered "Tsundere".
— Part three
WAR JOURNAL #4 - "Nothing makes my cold black heart bubble over with hate-blood then people who kill animals for no reason. I've always wanted a Red Panda for example. Just strap that sucker with some M60s and send him into a wiseguy bar. He'll make my hits look like a fucking sunday afternoon zumba class."
— Part four
War Journal Entry #5 - "I once killed a wiseguy with his own fork...the spaghetti still dangling off of it...and to be honest, I was pretty hungry for a finished his meal for him. He wouldn't be enjoying it. Ooh, that was a good one! I should write that down!"
— Part five
War Journal Entry #6 - "I can't stop thinking about how dumb Bushwacker's big penis gun arm is. Everytime I close my eyes, I see it."
— Part six
War Journal Entry #7 - "Bushwacker's final stand is tonight, I have this big cool plan to rip his dick gun off his own body, and kinda shoot him with it. It sounds really cool in my head, so I hope it works out when I actually do it. I'm sure it will!"
— Part seven
War Journal Entry #8 - "I should probably find a way to strap as much firepower as I can onto sharks, and wear them as jetskis, and kinda patrol the coast. I feel like I could get alot of stuff done."
— Part eight
War Journal Entry #9 - "Some people say violence isn't a solution to the problems plaguing the world. If I ever meet those people, I'd shoot them in the dick and uppercut their heads off."
— Part nine
War Journal Entry #10 - "I've killed criminal scum before with snakes, nothing special. Honey badgers though? That's interesting!"
— Part ten
War Journal Entry #11 - "Nick Fury is old school, a hard-ass from the cold war...oftentimes I find myself thinking about his chiseled looks, his gruff voice and his...uh, I mean his fighting skills! And his gun! I mean, guns!"
— Part eleven
War Journal Entry #12 - "Bullseye is a real piece of work. What type of idiot puts a huge target right on their body that makes it super easy to put a bullet through? That's like putting a big dumb logo right on your chest. Bullseye is stupid."
— Part twelve
War Journal Entry #13 - "It kinda irks me that my missions are usually categorized under "hate crimes" in the press. I hate all criminal organizations equally! Can't we all hate crime together?"
— Part thirteen
War Journal Entry #14 - "Meat is an important part of my daily routine. I usually take lunchables when I'm out on the battlefield for my protein boost. But only the ones with the little pizzas."
— Part fourteen
War Journal Entry #15 - "Don't have much love for nerds. Cowards that hide behind computer screens...and Tony Stark is one of the biggest nerds of all. Except he has a bleeding-edge armored battle suit that can take out an entire army. I should leave before he gets here...cuz yeah, I don't wanna...smell his nerd stink. Yeah, I'm gonna go."
— Part fifteen
War Journal Entry #16 - "Ninjas. I hate Ninjas. Be it The Hand or the Eternal Sun...Ninjas are always trying to kill, what? the Eternal Sun isn't Ninjas? They're Yakuza? So wait, they're just Asian versions of the Gnuccis? Okay, that's fine."
— Part sixteen
War Journal Entry #17 - "Prisons, or as I like to call them, "shooting galleries" really help me save alot of time, as I only have a few bullets left. Pun-Pun is gonna have some Fun Fun tonight!"
— Part seventeen Finale

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