Star Wars Week: Episode IV

The Rebellious Pod Strike

Rebel Pods Title
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Game Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike

Star Wars Racer Revenge

Length 45:16
Upload Date Dec 17, 2015
Controller Liam (Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike)

Liam (Star Wars Racer Revenge)

Previous Return of the Bearded Man
Next The Fisticuffs of Fate
“Divert all power of the main ship to the auto-blows.” — Matt

The Rebellious Pod Strike is the fourth episode of the Star Wars Week special where Matt and Liam sploosh on X-Wing models and jump-shoot all over the Empire.

About Edit

EPISODE IV - THE REBELLIOUS POD STRIKE After having exhausted all his credits at the Space Strip Club, a destitute and down on his luck MATTSTER JETTSTER is greeted by an old friend. VITA ANIMEFACE had just bought a new Pod Racer, and wanted to see if Mattster would be up for taking a ride. With nothing left to live for, Mattster agrees. While drunkenly flying it in Beggar's Canyon on Tatooine, Mattster crashes the Pod Racer in about 2 minutes. Investigating the wreckage, Rebel Alliance members pick up both idiots and offer them a chance to get drafted in the war against the Galactic Empire. Now with neither of them having anything left to live for, Vita and Mattster agree...
— Video description

Quotes Edit

That seems really dangerous, to have a Death Star disco ball.
— Matt
Let's see how many things we can mess up. I think we can do better.
— Matt
Games before full 3D don't count. They're not real games.
— Liam
The best 3D games are the earliest ones. Those are the ones that hold up the best. I've never said a bigger lie.
— Matt
Divert all power of the main ship to the auto-blows.
— Matt
You could just take Tauntauns out of Star Wars and I don't theink there would be any change except for Luke needs a jacket.
— Liam
Andy Bogard looks straight out of Toy Story.
— Liam
As long as dicks will exist, there will be a use for the auto-blow.
— Liam
Use the bad acting button. Anakin's good at it.
— Matt

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