Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection


The Ring Terror's Realm Thumb
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Game The Ring: Terror's Realm
Controller Matt
Length 38:26
Next Dead By Daylight
Previous Blood
“Got it, right. Blaire Witch: Book of Shadows, video game version.” — Pat

The Ring Terror's Realm is the seventeenth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection special.

About Edit

"What? This tape is weird! Just a bunch of random stuff and makes no sense to me. I can't follow the plot at all. Okay, so this weird walks under a ladder...and then there's this well? Who is the well working for? Does the centipede know? I'm not sure. Anyway, I have to go into work tomorrow, and hopefully Tom can explain why the movie was in black and white...just, what a waste of a weekend. I didn't even rewind the tape either, I was so mad. I hope "The Ring II" is better than the first one."
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat kill Harambe and discuss shitting etiquette inside their ! CURSED ! computer.

Quotes Edit

Got it, right. Blaire Witch: Book of Shadows, video game version.
— Pat
Look up your own skirt!
— Pat
We wouldn't be here where we are today without the fax. Never forget his sacrifice.
— Matt
I wonder if Jotaro fucked a dolphin.
— Pat
How many dolphins can you fuck in the frozen time?
— Pat
Oh god, if they made anime illegal I'd be so happy.
— Pat

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