Matt & Pat's Shitstorm of Scariness

The Suffering

The Suffering
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Game The Suffering
Controller Pat
Length 27:55
Next Cry of Fear
Previous The Thing
“Well... that was Pat's journey into prison!” — Matt

The Suffering is the seventeenth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm of Scariness special.

About Edit

Why do we always wind up in prison? And not one of those cool lady-prisons?
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat go to prison. Along the way, they answer phone calls, pick up a huge shiv, lament the death of the Sega Saturn, execute people, kill sick enemies, and get decapitated.

Quotes Edit

I hate shoes!
— Matt
Listen Torque, Goose, and Fly, and Little Willie, and Big Joe Larouche, and Smokey Bandit, we should'a all deserve games made by Midway Home Electronic Entertainment.
— Matt
— Matt and Pat
You were trolled by The Suffering.
— Matt
They're comin' outta the goddamn walls!
— Matt
Sorry, I got too hype and hit the gas chamber button by accident.
— Pat
Well... that was Pat's journey into prison!
— Matt

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