Terminator Week Part #1

The Terminator (Sega CD)

Sega CD Terminator Title
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Game The Terminator (Sega CD)
Length 41:12
Upload Date Jun 29, 2015
Controller Matt
Next Terminator 2: Judgment Day
“Los Angeles 2029 is not nearly as hazardous and Los Angeles 1984.” — Matt

The Terminator (Sega CD) is the first episode in the Terminator Week series. In this video, Matt, Pat, and Woolie enter a new age of video compression as they map out the Terminator jealousy hierarchy, climb robot-ladders to reach the robot-toilet, have FMV sex with prompts, and shake their asses at Skynet's newest nightclub.


Diary of Kyle Reese - January 21st - 2029 The world is empty. Cold. Dead. There's nothing left...but we still fight on. I scavenge amidst the rubble and the bodies of my fallen brothers and sisters. Shifting through forgotten memories and sullen, empty eye sockets. I then find an archaic piece of old technology...unused and unloved. I wipe away the dust and blood, and see the words. "SEGA CD."
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

To be fair, we're playing a Sega CD game on a t.v. no one thought would exist. We are Skynet right now!
— Matt
Would you say this is an accurate representation of Kyle Reese, or would you say it's an excellent rendition of Iriquois Pliskin?
— Matt
Wait for the butt-rock of the future.
— Wooie
The ones with pants are super jealous of the ones with jackets.
— Pat
Yoda, Helena Bonham Carter, what's the difference?
— Woolie
The Vulcans know that they're wrong which is why they infected themselves with a crazy vicious sex disease.
— Pat
My old Dragon Ball GIFs had more fidelity.
— Woolie
I would really like it if it had these realy bad FMV cutscenes that you could get something a little more interactive, like you could make love to Sarah and button prompts would come up.
— Matt
The viewers can't see you grabbing your junk, Pat
— Woolie
Los Angeles 2029 is not nearly as hazardous and Los Angeles 1984.
— Matt
Like Invader Zim throwing pigs through time.
— Woolie
I would way rather see Kyle Reese versus the Baseball Furies than The Warriors.
— Pat
Everyone will forgive my horrible robot face if I have a cool coat.
— Pat
Disco German is the strongest club robot.
— Pat


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