SBFC 027

That Time You Got Punched In The Dick

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Length 2:57:31
Date February 11, 2014
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“The solution to all your soliciting problems is to implicitly threaten to kill solicitors.” — Pat

SBFC 027: That Time You Got Punched In The Dick is the twenty-seventh episode of the Super Best Friendcast.


The Friendcast grabs a paddle and survives the games industry’s massive dump river this week. From Flappy Bird to Dungeon Keeper to Sony to the Heavenly Sword movie, this one’s gonna be rough.
— Podcast description


We're not going to intro this episode with dick punching?
Go to
— Liam
Can you come up with a title that's a little more 'fuck you Resident Evil'?
— Matt
The solution to all your soliciting problems is to implicitly threaten to kill solicitors.
It wasn't a conversation, you just laughed at me.
Dammit, I am full of shit.
— Pat
Put your Faith in the trash.
— Pat
The word 'unplayable' gets thrown around a lot, but rarely do we encounter a game that is actually unplayable!
— Woolie, on Dungeon Keeper Mobile
EA and Activision sometimes can't even be EA and Activision!
— Pat
The bigger the fists, the better the game.
— Pat
Why are you all the way up my ass right now?
— Pat
Thats like Smokey the Bear just lighting everything on fire.
— Woolie
So if you take too many bites out of crime, apparently you learn to enjoy the taste.
— Pat
Italian pre-order condoms, go!
— Pat
No one can get into smegmaprincess.
— Pat
If you open it, get a bunch of drugs and have a creepy Gurren Lagann sex party.
— Pat
What was the world before FGC regulations?
— Liam

Letter TimeEdit

Q: What is the dream arcade cabinet in your house? from Bill

  • Pat: Street Fighter Third Strike House of the Dead 2
  • Liam: The new Project Diva
  • Woolie: Afterburner Climax
  • Matt :Terminator II

Q: You guys use SHMUP a lot, but my friend uses the term "bullet hell". Can you clarify if there's a difference? from Mike

  • SHUPS refers to the genre as a whole, bullet hell is a more specific subgenre.

Q: If you could get Telltale to do your comic dream game, what would it be? from Chase

  • Pat: Punisher MAX
  • Woolie: Sin City
  • Liam: Last Man
  • Matt: Preacher or Saga

Q: When recording a Let's Play, do you prefer to be playing or not playing? from Phil

  • Pat: Playing
  • Matt: When it's a certain game
  • Liam: It really depends
  • Woolie: Blind Let's Plays are hard.

Q: Who's the biggest weeaboo you know growing up? from Wrecka Fist

  • Josh

Q: I just celebrated my birthday by buying the Gurren Lagann box set, should I watch it, or keep it pristine? from Comlan

  • Matt: Open it.
  • Liam: Open it.
  • Woolie: Buy a second blu-ray, keep the box open.
  • Pat: Open it real slowly

Q: What's your favourite video game merchant, besides the Resident Evil merchant? from some guy that Woolie forgot

  • Pat: Rodin from Bayonetta
  • Woolie: Funky Kong from Donkey Kong
  • Liam: Chocolina from Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • Matt: Metal Scotsman from Double Dragon Neon

Q: There was a recent controversy in Defend the North where a player was disqualified for pressing start. What do you guys think of that? from Leonardo

  • That should be grounds for disqualification. It sucks, but the rule has to be there.

Q: I'm trying to decide between a 3DS and a Vita, which should I get? from Estaban

  • Look at the lineup, but the 3DS is a safe bet.

Q: What are your shirt sizes? from Armageddon313

  • Matt: XL
  • Pat: XXL
  • Woolie: XXL
  • Liam: L

Q: What are the worst names you guys uses to call each other?

  • Chernobyl baby, by Woolie

Q: Have you guys checked out Rick and Morty yet? from Devin

  • Not yet, no.

Q: Have your opinion on next-gen consoles changes yet? from Drake Moxy

  • Liam: I like the Xbox One more than I expected, but it's still too early. I highly recommended the PS4. Remote play works perfectly.
  • Woolie: The Xbone is worthless, except for Killer Instinct.
  • Pat: I really like the PS4 and the controller.
  • Matt: The Xbone's dashboard is baffling, but Killer Instinct validated my purchase. The PS4 seems fine.