This is an extended page of the The Walking Dead "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Off to a new, dumb adventure. I cause a false start cuz subtitles, Matt is bad at videogames, and we both learn that maybe kids aren't so god damn terrible after all. Also zombies.
— Part one
I can’t believe Matt fucked that up. God damnit. You’re the worst Dad ever Matt. Also, bonding with new friends!
— Part two
In what must be a first, motel adventures lead to feelings. Also, the easiest hard choice ever is made.
— Part three
Things are getting restless at the motor inn, and Matt manages to avoid playing the race card, much to my dismay. Also, new friends!
— Part four
Clem continues to be adorable, Duck continues to be shitty, and crazy people get fuckin shot. Also, a cow! Aww.
— Part five
Wow. Well this all went to fucking shit didn’t it?
— Part six
JASON TODD! That’s that fucking stupid Robins name. Now I remember. Also, MYSTERY OF DOUCHEBAGS!
— Part seven
I fucking hate this game =(
— Part eight
Whoo! Trains! Trains make everything better! Also, replacements!
— Part nine
Omid, you’re cool, and I appreciate your help, but get off my fucking back. Also, endangering Clementine through poor planning!
— Part ten
God damnit Ben. GOD FUCKING DAMNIT BEN. Also tragedy!
— Part eleven
Even the very concepts of Fate and Destiny despise you Kenny. May the black cloud of Death hang over your head always.
— Part twelve
Well, our plans certainly seem to fall through quite often, eh? Oh well, at least there’s NO HOMEWORK.
— Part thirteen
Heavy as shit batteries, plans gone awry, victim blaming, child hero moments, dumbass decisions and the sick radicalest way I’ve seen seen to ring a bell. What’s not to love?
— Part fourteen
We’re in the home stretch now, but only if everybody can keep their shit together and doesn’t fuck everything up. I WONDER IF KENNY WILL KEEP BEING A DICK?!
— Part fifteen
Some of you I’ll miss. Most of you I won’t. Here’s lookin at you kid.
— Part sixteen Final

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