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The Walking Dead: Season 3

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Game The Walking Dead: Season 3
Episodes 14
Combined Length 07:13:45
Original Run Jul 6, 2016 - Aug 17, 2017
Controller Pat
“Do you think in the zombie apocalypse people will still be talking about JoJo?” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play The Walking Dead: Season 3 is a full Let's Play in which Matt and Pat play the game where free will is made up and your choices don't matter. That's right, the choices are just like the script in a David Cage game.


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Quotes Edit

Well now that people don't want it, we have to play it.
I barely remember Luke at all.
Yeah, he was really the Takahata of the group.
I gotta say, my experience with these games has left me jaded and cynical. Yes, me, the fount of optimism.
If there was a zombie outbreak in Montreal, hockey sticks aren't gonna cut it.
Who am I going to listen to, the kids or my borther's wife who I'm trying to smash?
You're making me pine for Duck! Think about that, motherfucker. Think about that for a second.
Pat about Gabriel
Man, none of these decisions have even mattered, like, ten seconds later.
Wll, they do that all the time. They'll say, 'Someone remembers that.' and they die in the next sentence.
Woolie has never cleaned a dish in my.. in my life.
Neither have you.
I'm gonna make out with you in the future.
Hopefully. Hopefully there's not a zombie inbetween us also trying to make out with us.
Gabe is just Ben with a shittier temper.
The best parts of Kenny were when he was shitting all over Ben.
Do you think in the zombie apocalypse people will still be talking about JoJo?
Remember, y'know, we didn't like Kenny but the game told us we liked him? This is the opposite, where everyone loves Clem, but they assume for whatever reason, you would turn against her.
And then. I can't think of.. they tried to be like, 'Ah, she New Frontier so you might turn against her.', like, no, you're gonna have to do more than that.
I need video footage of her eating a baby. And even then, even then!
Most people said, 'Hey, fuck off your dick, cunt.'.
If you can't trust Jesus...
Buddha, I guess.
Man, I feel even more strongly this time that nothing I said mattered because I would click options and it told me to go fuck myself.
How about shut the fuck up? How's that for an answer?
If it wasn't the zombie apocalypse, you still wouldn't get a say!
Matt to Gabriel
Ideally I can get him to kill his dad for me and then smash his mom.
I'm maxed out on cowardice.
AJ does not look good.
He looks like the Boss Baby.
Act like a beast, you risk what makes you human.
Yeah, it turns into Bloodborne. It's great.
Oh, right, children. Those things we're not supposed to murder.
You know what's thicker than water? Semen. ... On we go!
[RT] to Bill Paxton.
Maybe you're stupid too.
Maybe I'm stupid too. In fact, I'm told that a lot.
Why you bringing up old shit? You need a plunger? 'Cause you always bringing up old shit.
That's astonishingly terrible.
Pat about the game's writing
I don't want love to blossom on this battlefield.
Why can no one animate that woman's face? Why does it look so bad.
Gabe's a kid and that's cool for him, I guess, but his existence is now actively threatening all of us. He's like a passive debuff.
Gabe: Causes entire party to lose focus.


Episode 1: Ties That Bind - Part OneEdit

  • Chose to not spend the night at the junkyard
  • Let the driver go
  • Got locked up
  • Went with Tripp to the junkyard
  • Stayed with Clementine

Episode 2: Ties That Bind - Part TwoEdit

  • Told David that Kate wanted to leave him
  • Opened fire at the gates of Prescott
  • Took Jesus at his word
  • Killed Conrad
  • Capitulated to Max's demands

Episode 3: Above the LawEdit

  • Honored David's request
  • Injected AJ with the medicine
  • Destroyed Badger's skull
  • Brought Max back with you
  • Stuck to David's plan

Episode 4: Thicker Than WaterEdit

  • Promised to help Kate
  • Assisted in Lingrad's suicide
  • Told Kate you shared her feelings
  • Tried to save Ava
  • Chose to take Clint's deal

Episode 5: From the GallowsEdit

  • Experience with David was: Hearfelt
    • Accepted David's hand after he punched you on the night your father died
    • Supported David's plan to meet at his house in Richmond
    • Distanced yourself from David in his time of need
  • Experience with Kate was: Romantic
    • Kissed Kate in the Junkyard
    • Rejected Kate's plan to leave Richmond
    • Told Kate you wanted a future with her
    • Dismissed Kate's idea to start a family
  • Experience with Gabe was: Safety First
    • Upset Gabe by not staying in the trailer for the night
    • Told Gabe the truth about his neighborhood friend
    • Helped Kate save Richmond before going after Gabe
    • Shot a bitten Gabe to prevent him from turning
  • New Frontier Story
  • Stood with David on the ledge
  • Confessed your love for Kate
  • Showed your love for David
  • Went with Kate and sealed the Richmond breach
  • Clementine teamed up with you

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