SBFC 145

There's a Doomamaniac in Heaven

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Length 2:52:06
Date May 16, 2016
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“I'm fucking dead, Netflix. Send help.” — Pat

There’s a Doomamaniac in Heaven is the one-hundred and forty-fifth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Whiny blind Spiderman! Uncharted 4! Doom! The Green Room! Jessica Jones!
— Website description


I'm fucking dead, Netflix. Send help.
— Pat
Two tablespoons of old.
— Pat
God have mercy on the souls of anyone who tries to play a third generation Monster Hunter game on a phone.
— Pat
All these Dio jokes are Wrryy-diculous.
— Liam
Today on fetish watch, Woolie exposed as Planet-Kin.
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: Was there ever a singular point about a thing someone made that was the point that made you go try it out? from Flea

  • Matt: When I heard there was Cthulhu shit in Bloodborne.
  • Pat: The Kotaku article on the big spoiler on the first season of Sword Art Online.
  • Woolie: When someone talks about a comic and says a name like Mark Millar.
  • Liam: Hearing about where the Muv-Luv series gets to by the end, where it starts as a high school whatever thing and it ends up with intergalactic mech warfare.

Q: How do you feel about Killer Instinct season three's music being done by Cell Dweller? from Jimmy Instinct

  • Matt: None of their theme's are as good as any of Mick Gordon's but they're still pretty good.
  • Pat: I don;t know much about Killer Instinct but I can say that Mick Gordon killed it with Doom (2016).
  • Woolie: Any loss of Mick Gordon on a project is a tragic loss, however Cell Dweller has done a bang up job on the themes so far.
  • Liam: I haven't listened to it yet, so I don't know.

Q: Has Woolie ever played the Resident Evil series? from Zell

  • Woolie: I played 4 and 5 but I don't need to go back to the old stuff because I played Umbrella Chronicles. Survival horror is not usually my thing but the occasional times when I play them, I usually enjoy it.

Q: Any favorite cliff hangers, like when it shows that Goku blows up at the end of the Frieza saga only to reveal he didn't the next week? from Shane

  • Matt: When Bishop yells, 'Assassin!' and fires at the screen, then in the next episode it shows the character jumping out of the way.
  • Pat: Same.
  • Woolie: Same.
  • Liam: I can't think of an example.

Q: What is an edgelord? from Notonfireyet

  • If you had a character that was something like a Death Knight named Bane Blade and his background was I drink the souls of the blood of my enemies because my family is doomed in hell.

Q: Who's the king of the edgelords in video games? from Matt

  • Matt: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.
  • Pat: Death from Darksiders.
  • Woolie: Hatred man.
  • Liam: The monkeys from Ape Escape.

Q: Why haven't you made a video of Dissidia? from Dio

  • Matt: If they port it, we might do it.
  • Pat: My desire to do it is miniscule.
  • Woolie: I was sad it was not a 2-D fighter.
  • Liam: The format is weird for versus. We'd need two PSPs.

Q: If you were a Transformer, what vehicle/animal/whatever are you? from Tom

  • Matt: Superion.
  • Pat: A toilet with a gun in it that shoots your asshole.
  • Woolie: Ego the Living Planet.
  • Liam: Kanye West.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

Trivia Edit

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