SBFC 041

This Ain't your Grandpa's Sex Toy

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Length 2:58:23
Date May 20, 2014
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“The perfect blowjob machine is available, but only if everyone in a one mile radius knows you're using it.” — Woolie

This Ain't your Grandpa's Sex Toy is the forty-first episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

This week we give our final thoughts on the Godzilla movie, and cover the recent swarm of controversy surrounding Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Also, Pat spends a bunch of time telling everyone about a creepy sex toy.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

Don't look into the SMT multiverse theory.
— Pat
Don't stir pots when there's cooks.
— Matt
If you lube it, I will come.
— Pat
I don't wanna control your skeleton on a skateboard any more!
— Matt, on Tony Hawk
Square is really great at utilising the brands they don't make.
— Matt
If you believe in something enough, it will be true.
— Liam
The perfect blowjob machine is available, but only if everyone in a one mile radius knows you're using it.
— Woolie
This isn't your grandpa's masturbation toy!
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: As of right now, my favourite show Community was just cancelled. I wanna know what know you liked that were cancelled. from Nick

  • Pat: Firefly
  • Woolie: Dollhouse
  • Liam: Young Justice
  • Matt: Berserk

Q: Whenever I'm playing my fighting games with my friends I pick my main every other round, my friends have recently banned me from him. from Griffin

  • Pat: Your friends are salt-ass scrubs.

Q: Own, work for, burn down: EA, Activision, King from Ulysses

  • Pat: Burn down King, work for Activision, and burn down King.
  • Woolie: Work for EA, own Activision, burn down King.
  • Liam: Work for EA, own Activision, burn down King.

Q: What real life people would you force into a Jojo pose? from Armando

  • Pat: Politicians
  • Liam: Gabe Newell
  • Woolie: Barack Obama doing the point with Abe Lincoln as Star Platinum
  • Matt: Vince McMahon

Q: Do you or any of your friends know any songs that you'd sing together or get into as thing? from Devon

  • Pat: No.
  • Matt: My parents and I shared very different musical tastes.
  • Woolie: A bunch of Gospel.
  • Liam: We play country music at family gatherings.

Q: What's the dumbest/weirdest excuse you've ever heard for a developer justifying content? from Charlie

  • Woolie: Kryptonite Fog in Superman 64
  • Matt: Collision bugs in a Ghostbusters game being passed off as ghosts.
  • Pat: For Diablo 3, everything they said about online connectivity and the auction house.

Q: What's your dream Oculus Rift experience? from Drink Moxy

  • Matt: A good horror game would be neat.
  • Liam: The VR MMO
  • Woolie: Mirror's Edge
  • Pat: VR MMO

Q: What game company will survive until 2030? from Luke

  • Pat: Valve
  • Liam: Nintendo
  • Matt: Sega
  • Woolie: Majesco

Q: Are there any games that you guys think would work as a performance art piece? from Jordan

  • Woolie: Phoenix Wright
  • Liam: Journey or The Last Story
  • Pat: Charles Barkley, Shut up and Jam: Gaiden
  • Matt: Metal Gear

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • Pat: Transistor The Transistor soundtrack
  • Liam: Drakengaurd 3
  • Woolie: The Walking Dead: The Game, episode three.

Trivia Edit