SBFC 103

This MUST be the work of an Enemy Stand

Show Notes 103
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Length 2:55:47
Date Jul 27, 2015
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“I love beating up fans. It's the best.” — Pat

This MUST be the work of an Enemy Stand is episode 103 of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

We’re back from [ConBravo], and we now have opinions about [Hamilton].
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

I've never seen anything like it 'cause I wasn't born when it happened!
— Woolie
Genesys is Skynet is my sex tape.
— Matt
I thought of making that joke and I threw it out, but I'm glad you picked it up off the ground.
— Pat
You too can be a baby or a pet.
— Liam
Which one is more devastating? The stand user that makes you have to dump ass all the time, that just upsets your stomach and makes you shit your pants, or the stand user that gives you a brain freeze?
— Woolie
How many ropes can you shit in the frozen time?
— Woolie
Shit is Not Crash.
— Woolie
Starshit Crusaders.
— Matt
Jotaro uses Star Platinum to hold his bowels.
— Liam
I love beating up fans. It's the best.
— Pat
Pat, you are a first person sucker.
— Liam
With great power comes...
— Woolie
Some cool ass shit.
— Pat
You know that game you put in your ass, I actually put it there.
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: I love Devil May Cry to an extreme but when I picked up DMC 4 and it felt wrong. I then realized that it was because it didn't have a Bayonetta dodge. I knew going in that it wouldn't, but it messed it up for me all the same. Have you ever played a game that introduced a mechanic so game changing that it diminished or ruined previous iterations? from Mike

  • Matt: Anything from N64/PS1 era that doesn't have Z-targeting.
  • Pat: The Resident Evil games always hurt past iterations with the new games. When I play a fighting game and I hit start and there is no command list button, that sucks.
  • Liam: When people learned how to work camera controls.

Q: Can 60 FPS be too much or are we just not doing it right yet? from Victor

  • Pat: I'm so used to watching gameplay videos on YouTube at 30 that when I see one at 60 it makes me think the video player is messing up.
  • Woolie: The problem is with us. 60 FPS is not cringy, it is superior. It's just our adaptation to it. Kids born today are used to 60 FPS their whole lives, going back to look at old things are gonna feel weird at how slow it is.
  • Liam: Things running at 30 aren't bad.

Q: The Zaibatsu become the X-Men. Matt gets Gambit's powers, Pat gets Magneto's powers, Woolie gets Iceman's powers and Liam gets Scarlet Witch's powers. Now that you have these powers, what would you do with them? I didn't give anyone Storm's powers 'cause then you'd just concentrate the humidity on someone's butt and give them perpetual swamp ass. from Riley

  • Matt: I can't think of any useful way to use Gambit's powers.
  • Pat: Aside from robbing banks and committing crimes, I would keep this secret and subtly fuck with people. I would go to EVO and tamper with peoples sticks and bet for them to lose.
  • Woolie: I make the area around your balls really cold so that whenever you pull your junk out, you get really embarrassed. Perpetual shrinkage.
  • Liam: I wanted Jubilee. I would never move to pick up stuff.

Q: Can people submit Mystery Box games? from Richard Hawk

  • Matt: Unless people knew what we already have, you'd just end up sending doubles. A lot of times when people give me a game, I have to tell them, 'Oh, I already have this. Sorry. We would like to play it sometime though.'. We would need to complete the list first.
  • Liam: As far as we know, there aren't many games in the states that we don't know about.

Q: Who's the best monster girl, Liam? from Jim

  • Matt: AndrAIa from ReBoot
  • Pat: Eriya and Naria from Escaflowne; Vash the Stampede.
  • Woolie: The Stalk from Saga.
  • Liam: I really like Lethe from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. They're all better than real girls 'cause with monster girls, the monster is on the outside. I think Mia's the best one.

Q: What's the hardest video you have ever edited? from Chris

  • Matt: Anarchy Reigns. I had to put out a trailer promising when it would come out to push myself to fix it faster.
  • Pat: The first twelve parts of Heavy Rain when we couldn't fix the bug in our recording setup where every black screen would push the audio forward a little bit so I had to manually resync all the dialouge.
  • Woolie: All of Fighterpedia. Recorded on an Iphone, edited on a potato.
  • Liam: Same problem as Pat with the Aria of Sorrow playthrough.

Q: If you all did a legitimate cosplay, who would you go as individually and as a group? from Jimmy

  • Matt: Punisher Noir or our wrestling personas. Fred Durst.
  • Pat: There is no character built simillarily enough to me for me to cosplay them. Short Louis C.K.
  • Woolie: My answers are set because I already did them. Professor K and Xavier Stone. Back in the day my friend was saying they would go as Wanderer and I would be a colossus.
  • Liam: Wonder Red.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Godzilla Goes to Hell and lots of Fantasia movies.
  • Pat: Witcher 3 and Way of the Samurai 4 PC port.
  • Woolie: No cons, catching up on stuff, sleeping in my own bed, Fantasia movies, and a storm that is not Zubaz.
  • Liam: Lost Dimensions.

Trivia Edit