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Thrre-fifths of a Podcast

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Length 3:44:34
Date Apr 21, 2015
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“The funny level is directly proportionate to how much of a piece of shit you are.” — Pat

Three-fifths of a Podcast is the eighty-ninth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

We’re back from flying out to Buffalo NY, and we’re all loopy and underslept. This is gonna be a special one.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

That's a slogan for you. 'Satisfies your expectations... barely.'
— Liam
I want to see the plane, go into the water!
— Matt
The implication is that gingers are double weak to all damage.
— Pat
I wanna see Matt on the Serengeti yelling at the lions, 'Stop! You can't eat that! It's too early!'.
— Woolie
Complaining about going to a breakfast place FOR BREAKFAST!
— Matt
Twelve Years a Cheesecake.
— Woolie
You don't have to make it easy for the filthy Americans.
— Liam
I've been here this whole time, invisible, waiting to be useful. This is my moment.
— Liam
I'm good, I have all the black people I need.
— Matt
So what have we done? In the first thirty minutes Liam's shit on all of all America, I've apparently shit on all black people, and Woolie hates everyone who eats breakfast.
— Matt
How is your threshold for black people, how is your maximum cap limit one three fifths of a person?
— Liam
Your mom's not fucking chatting it up on the Steam forums or selling cards.
— Pat
Okay, for the next five minutes, I just wanna unzip and fap and scream Virgil.
— Woolie
It seems to be the quality of your Assassin's Creed game is decided by a dice roll at the beginning of the project.
— Pat
I get it. 'Watch' them make it. 'Watch' them! Haha. Haha. Fuck the Apple Watch.
— Pat
Hey uncle Dan, we're not going to congratulate you for coming with your pants on this time.
— Woolie
That is way too close to something that actually happened in my life.
— Pat
The funny level is directly proportionate to how much of a piece of shit you are.
— Pat
No difficulty setting will make the puzzles easier, Pat.
— Woolie
Yeah, well, that's not true because Silent Hill has a puzzle difficulty setting.
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: What would be a good title for a episodic Telltale style wrestling game? from Bobby

  • Matt: If licensed, "WWE Chronicles"
  • Pat: "Ring Breaker", "I'm the Best at Wrestling?"
  • Woolie: "The Body Maker", "Wrestling and Romance"

Q: Do you have any other recommendations for black comedians or stuff that is underground or politically incorrect? from Barry

  • Matt: Jim Jefferies
  • Pat: Jim Norton, Louis C.K., Bill Burr, Patton Oswalt
  • Woolie: Rich Voss

Q: What would you do if you found a hundred dollars on the ground? from Ethan

  • If it's on the street, see if you can find the owner. If not, keep it.

Q: I noticed your LPs have been the latest games, e.g. RE Revelations 2, Bloodborne, MKX, so I haven't been watching them to avoid spoilers. I was wondering if you guys were going to do make LPs of more classic or not so new games? from Zell

  • It just happened that three games we all wanted to play came out at the same time. Since we get hammered about episodic LPs, we try to release the videos the second that the episode comes out. There will be more older and shittier games, but always expect a mix between the two.

Q: Dear Scrub Club Four, what is your position on being able to change the difficulty to an easier setting once you've started? from Djini and Tonic

  • Matt: It depends on how hard Shao Kahn is. If the difficulty takes away objectives, never. If the difficulty takes away hits the bad guy takes, then it's okay.
  • Pat: It depends on what kind of game it is. The only thing I want is that you can't get the hard mode bonus by playing all the way through easy and switching to hard right before the final hit.
  • Woolie: If your design doesn't take into account any special endings or unlockables depending on the difficulty, then it's fine.
  • Liam: I'm not gonna do it, but I'm completely okay with it.

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