Best Friends Titan Challenge

Titan Challenge
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Game Titan Challenge
Length 21:42
Controller Pat, Woolie, and Liam
Upload Date Oct 4, 2013
“Bonus points for raining blood down on your remaining family members, too.” — Woolie

Best Friends Titan Challenge is a one-off video in which Pat, Woolie, and Liam see who can kill the most Titans while spoiling everything that has happened in the show.


Pat, Woolie and Liam salute fiercely, fists clenched over hearts, and heads held high. With the Wings of Freedom on their backs and the certain end of humanity marching toward them, they bravely throw their lives away for the sake of all mankind, to vanquish the ones known as TITANS.
— Video Description


Spider-Man, Bionic Commando, you like that shit, well here you go.
— Woolie
I didn't think I'd see a fucking spindash in this show!
— Pat
You got revenge for what's-her-name.
— Woolie
I love how they just walk on buildings like, 'What? What are you gonna do about it?'.
— Liam, on roof Titans
They need to add the moe Titan to this one.
— Liam
I wanna know what Levi's fuckin' training was.
— Pat
Four, better than ninety percent of the characters in the show.
— Pat
The world is a cruel place, man!
— Pat
Bonus points for raining blood on your remaining family members, too.
— Woolie
This game is an awesome demonstration of how hard it is to kill Titans.
— Liam
I don't think he's ever hit a Titan with his sword. Just his big dumb retarded science monster fist.
— Pat, on Eren
Usually when you think anime fan game, it's probably some creepy shit that Matt found on Zone Archive.
— Pat
He had ice armour, it's not fair!
— Woolie
I'm the best Titan killer!
— Pat

Final Score Edit

  • Pat (Levi): 4
  • Liam (Mikasa): 2
  • Woolie (Mikasa): 3


  • This is the first Let's Play video without Matt.
  • The Titan Challenge game can be found here.


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