Top 7 Best & Worst Fighting Game Stages

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Length 7:03
Date Nov 13, 2011
Next Southtown vs. Metro City
Previous Rejected Street Fighters
“People are cancelling their dreams, and NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!” — Matt

Top 7 Best and Worst Fighting Game Stages the second Fighterpedia episode where Matt and Woolie count down the best and worst fighting games stages in history, showning you stages that range from hype, to the confusing, to the lame, and to the "Holy shit!"

About Edit

Woolie and Matt have wasted entire decades collecting obscure fighting game knowledge and annoying EVERYBODY. Today, this wisdom, once thought useless, has finally found a greater purpose: lols.
— Video description


But consider, what you will, an actual stage; a flat background that has to compliment shit like Native American's fighting velociraptors.
— Matt
Clogs and sheep. Clogs. And sheep!
— Matt
This stage is metal as shit! Badass as fuck!
— Woolie
Can someone please articulate why Goki is hoplessly lost trying to find the bathroom in Bison's sexnasium?
— Matt
Clogs, and sheep. CLOGS. AND SHEEP.
— Matt
Holy fuck!
— Woolie and Matt at the Second Best Stage: Fetus of God
Holy fuuuuuuuuck!
— Woolie and Matt at the Second Worst Stage: Fetus of God
Who are you anyway?
— Solid Snake after recieving a call from Zubaz

Gallery Edit

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