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Tormentum: Dark Sorrow

Tormentum Title
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Game Tormentum: Dark Sorrow
Episodes 6
Combined Length 03:36:59
Original Run Jul 4, 2015 - Jul 13, 2015
Controller Pat
“Does your game have spooky dicks? Well, then Chewie and Fuckface are on the case.” — Woolie

Best Friends Play Tormentum: Dark Sorrow is a full Let's Play in which Pat and Woolie enter a universe of heavy metal album covers and become more evil than any of the hellscapes they must traverse on their way to gaining their freedom from their impossible H.R. Giger world.

About Edit

Woolz and Pat take a dark journey though a mind bending artists portfolio
— Website descrpiton

See the individual episode descriptions at the Dark Sorrow Descriptions page.

Quotes Edit

You ready for some fear penises?
Does your game have spooky dicks? Well, then Chewie and Fuckface are on the case.
You dug up some demon jizz. Enjoy.
I will.
It feels like the architect birthed everything out of a Xenomorph queen's asshole.
— {H:title[src]}}
Thankfully the game is as binary as you are.
What the viewer cannot see is my shrugging dance.
What has brought him to such despair? This fucking Tetris puzzle.
“'Yo, I love eggs.', said the not Woolie.
No. Don't let the Americans know there are embarrassing moments in our history.
I ain't never seen an elephant fly! No massa, no.
Just listen for the sound of... egg fucking.
This game is making me such an asshole. It's making me an asshole, it's not bringing it out. It's causing it to occur.

Gallery Edit

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