Mystery Box #003

Torrente 3: El protector

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Game Torrente 3: El protector
Length 20:21
Upload Date March 11, 2015
Controller Pat
Previous Mystery Box - Episode #002
Next Mystery Box - Episode #004
“I cannot beat the shit minigame.” — Pat

Torrente 3: El protector is the third episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Matt and Pat play the Spanish equivalent of Indigo Prophecy as they save stewardesses from plastic forks, interrupt bathroom sex, and get trapped on the toilet.

About Edit

It's a mystery!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

What the fuck? What the fuck! What the fucking fuck is this?
— Pat
It's Deathwish 7: I Wish for Death.
— Pat
...and he's not as creepy as David Cage. Not a creepy slime-ball.
— Matt
If you unfocus your eyes, this could be Max Payne 3.
— Matt
I'm litterally shitting my fucking pants right now.
— Pat
It's climbing faster and faster as I shit.
— Pat
I can't get out of the fucking toilet, man!
— Pat
I think you're dying, dude.
— Matt
I cannot beat the shit mini-game. I can't do it.
— Pat
There's Nathan Drake and there's El Torrente, and El Torrente doesn't kill tons of innocent people.
— Matt
Well, to be fair, this looks like a better combat than in Ninja Theory games.
— Matt
The greatest hero we've ever seen.
— Matt


  • This is the first Mystery Box episode to not feature all four of the Best Friends.


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