Tournament of Legends

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Game Tournament of Legends
Length 21:16
Upload Date Jan 13, 2013
Winner Woolie
Next Tao Feng: Fist of The Lotus
Previous Fight Club
“Let us grab our crotches in celebration!” — Matt
“Everyone! Get hyped at the sound of the gong!” — Woolie

Scrublords - Tournament of Legends is a Scrublords episode that has Matt and Woolie continuing the tournament with a game based on Roman mythology, so you can learn while you brawl!  Team Woolie, consisting of Volcanus, Bast and Kara were able to defeat Team Matt three matches to one in this SEGA title.

Quotes Edit

Robots Vs. Russell Crowe!
— Matt
Yo, science, son!
— Woolie
Rome's champion is a fucking babby.
— Matt
Dude you gotta get up when you fall down. Didn't Pikachu teach you anything?
— Woolie
I spit on your grave! I fart in your general direction!
— Matt
You created a ring of fire?!?! You got Johnny Cash on your side?!
— Matt
Churn that butter! Churn that butter!
— Woolie
Get up! You cow piece of shit!
— Matt

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