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Trials of the Blood Dragon

Blood Dragon Trials Title
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Game Trials of the Blood Dragon
Episodes 5
Combined Length 3:03:21
Original Run Jun 23, 2016 - July 1, 2016
Controller Woolie
“Whenever I grab my crotch and flex my no muscles, I have a picture of Zach in my wallet to look at.” — Matt

Trials of The Blood Dragon is a full Let's Play in which Matt, Woolie, and Liam ride their bikes and jank jump through the bright neon future of the 90's on their journey to end Vietnam War 4 and raise their digital Street Shark.


— Playlist description

See the individual episode descriptions at the Trials of the Blood Dragon Descriptions page.

Quotes Edit

Pushing a block is a form of physical hacking.
Blue screen of death. Hacked.
Whenever I grab my crotch and flex my no muscles, I have a picture of Zach in my wallet to look at.
Yeah. Good platformance.
Then after that, Rainicorn Suplex Dildo Whatever.
As long as you don't have that thing dragging down your gravity. Or your soul, whatever.
Aww. Nothing's worse than Kansas.
The Steel Samurai makes a special boss appearance.


  • The title card art was made by Afton Palmer.
  • The music played during the intro and outro is "Punch!" by Power Glove from Trials of the Blood Dragon.


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