This is an extended page of the Trials of The Blood Dragon "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


"HEY KIDS! Tired of your sister kissing GROSS guys in the privacy of her own room? YEAH! Then get the all new Splooshinator 2000 X MARK VII! This high powered slime shooting rotary chain gun uses so much pressurized force, it can sear off a label from a tin can! That'll make Jessica think twice before trying to find love at a delicate time of her life! EWWWWW! Only $49.99 From Zaibatsu Fun Time Toys!"
— Part one
"WHOOOA! Want to wail on guitars and kill everything that moves? Then get the Zaibatsu Fun Time Toy the NUCHUCK-GUN-CHAKU! Comes in 7 radical colors! With the NUNCHUCK-GUN-CHAKU all the girls will be watching as you use it's awesome power to beat on anyone that has wronged you in the past! Oh wait, did I say girls? I forgot, GIRLS ARE ICKY POOEY! So like, WHATEVER! BUY ALL SEVEN to assemble the ultimate weapon, the KILLSTAR-CHAKU! IN STORES NOW!"
— Part two
"Does your friend's dick need a good whacking? Then try new Zaibatsu Funtime DICK BATS! Does Tommy next door have bad opinions like Streets of Rage is better than Final Fight? Then do what everyone's thinking, and give him a good wallop in the dick with one of 7 colorful dick bats! - Zaibatsu Funtime Inc is not responsible for grave injuries sustained to the crotchal area."
— Part three
"INSECTOIDS! They're the gross bug warriors that ooze mysterious liquids! Is your gf/bf mad at you for something? Then ooze the foul smelling ichor onto their faces! THEY'LL LOVE IT!"
— Part four
"Love how cool Blood Dragons are, but annoyed over the massive destruction and tragic loss of human life they leave in their wake? Then buy the All-New 1/4 Scale Blood Dragon Collectible Action figure from Zaibatsu Funtime Toys! This finely sculpted kick-ass mamma jamma comes loaded with a special compartment that contains the actual BLOOD from one of the few capture dragons in the world! This special one-of a kind toy will impress all your friends! - WARNING - Dragon Blood is incredibly toxic and may cause blindness/death/ruin your day!"
— Part five Final

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