Triangle Girl

[Two Best Friends Play]

Triangle Girl Thumb
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Uploader Plague of Gripes
Upload Date Nov 16, 2012
Length 0:42
Original Episode Silent Hill Downpour episode three
“She gives the worst head! It's just like shoving a protractor up your dick!” — Pat

Triangle Girl is a fan-created animation by Plague of Gripes.

About Edit

Come on, Konami, you know what you gotta do. Put ME on the dev team, coach! I'm ready! Triangle Girl gives all the murderers and child molesters that're all the time wandering up into Silent Hill a lot of conflicting feelings. In terms of literary devices, Triangle Girl represents the main character's desire to be aggressively raped by a supermodel. Spoiler: his wish comes half true.
— Plague of Gripes

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Gallery Edit

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