Cryme Tyme:

True Crime: Streets of LA with YoVideogames!

True Crime Streets of LA
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Game True Crimes: Streets of LA
Length 28:36
Upload Date Dec 29, 2016
Controller Kenny
Previous Mafia III
Next APB Reloaded
“The best way to fight crime is to commit it.” — Matt

True Crime: Streets of LA with YoVideogames! is a Cryme Tyme episode in which Matt, Woolie, Maximilian Dood and YoVideogames shoot and drive at the same time through the sparsely populated streets of Los Angeles, just like a real American police officer would.


We recruit some of our boyz from South Central LA to get some TRUE CRIMES going!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Everything in LA is a fog door.
— Max
Now the ceremonial cop teabagging.
— Woolie
That's real hip-hop, Bob's Catering.
— Matt
As we have found out, everyone is a criminal waiting to happen.
— Max
Not unlike a Charmander evolving into a Charizard, everyone isn't really a criminal here in LA.
— Woolie
Asian people hate getting wet!
— Matt
The best way to fight crime is to commit it.
— Matt

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