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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Steam release)

Turok Dino Hunter Title
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Game Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Steam release)
Length 33:09
Controller Matt
Upload Date Feb 26, 2016
“Did you just nuke the T. rex!?” — Woolie

Best Friends Play Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Steam release) is a one-off episode in which Matt and Woolie, with the help of the most racially sensitive character of all time, remind the world why every child born in 1997 was named Turok.

About Edit

Enter to win a chance to name your dead baby "Turok Shadowman!"
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Not racist redface!
— Woolie
He has no lower jaw and the eyes of a game developer.
— Matt
The majestic wall deer aka animalus noclippus.
— Woolie
Sometimes hunting means suckling.
— Woolie
He puckers his lips out and they run in fear.
— Woolie
This is the best dimension I've ever accidently gone in!
— Matt
Ah, Native Americans and their ancestral shotties.
— Matt
Did you just nuke the T. rex!?
— Woolie


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