Huntin' & Killin' With Matt & Liam

Turok Evolution

Turok Evolution
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Game Turok Evolution
Length 43:50
Controller Matt, Liam
Upload Date May 18, 2014
“You thought it was a weird vagina thing; it's just a loading screen.” — Liam

Turok Evolution is a Huntin' & Killin' With Matt & Liam episode in which Matt and Liam use their Chief Thunder powers, teabag a Triceratops, explore the Great Valley, and fall off of cliffs.

About Edit

We gotta hunt these here ugly mass of polygons! I mean, er, Dinosaurs!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

All you need is kill for Machops.
— Matt
Is this Land Before Time?
— Liam
Oh man, you're really wreckin' that dinosaur. The other player must be so pissed.
— Liam
You thought it was a weird vagina thing; it's just a loading screen.
— Liam
Remember when Jesus rode that Triceratops?
— Matt
That was canon.
— Liam
Hunting and killing confirmed.
— Liam
There's two tiers of games, there's David Cage games, and then there's Alpha Chimp
— Matt.
What an amazing adventure!
— Matt

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