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Two Best Friends Play
“Matt and Pat! They're friends who play together Learning and sharing and junk! One is nice and the other one is less nice! Who couldn't love Matt and Pat? Best friends play together!” — Season 2 intro song

Two Best Friends Play is a series of Let's Play videos found on the Machinima and MachinimaRespawn YouTube channels, starring Matt and Pat, and occasionally Woolie and Liam. Starting with season ten, the series name was changed to New Super Best Friends Play fully incorporating Woolie and Liam, and as a spoof of Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. series.

Description Edit

More content can be found on the author's original channel here, which has their original Kirby's Epic Yarn and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories videos, several mini-episodes, the episodes for the Super Best Friends Brawl spin-off (which involves Mat, Pat, and Woolie competing in local multiplayer games), and their full-length Let's Plays. The theme song they use at the beginning of every episode is "Green Greens Theme" from the game Kirby's Epic Yarn, the first game they played.

Origins Edit

According to the show's Facebook page, it started when The Switcher (Matt) invited his friend Snapshot King (Pat) over to play Kirby's Epic Yarn and record themselves taking their playthrough way too seriously. Their Facebook page further divulges:

"What started out as silly idea where a run-of-the-mill gamer...we'll call him, "Matt" decided he wanted to play Kirby's Epic Yarn with a buddy, we'll call him, "Pat" and record themselves taking it waaaay too seriously, has since exploded into a multimedia empire! This of course, is a half truth, as the pervasive online entity Machinima, simply saw said video, and just wanted them to make more of the same. yeah."

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