Two Best Friends in Skyrim

Troll Fight

Troll Fight
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Uploader Jpdoctor117
Upload Date Published on Mar 13, 2013
Length 1:10
“They're bitches.” — Pat

Two Best Friends in Skyrim: Troll fight is an episode in the Super Best Friends in Skyrim series by jpdoctor117.

Description Edit

This episode begins with Matt and Pat walking down the road talking to one another. However, they stop when they come upon a group of Frost Trolls blocking their path. Not really giving a fuck, they calmly walk into battle. Matt and Pat brandish their weapons and perform sadistic combos. Before long, the enemy calls in reinforcments, including a giant, a mammoth, and Thalmor justiciar. Overwhelmed, our heroes are knocked down. Matt gives some words of encouragement, and Pat gets up, deciding to give it another shot. The screen fades to black and Pat can he heard yelling "Oh my God!" several times.

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the beginning is the Green Greens theme from Kirby, and the battle music is from Chrono Trigger.

Gallery Edit

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