Woolie & Matt Play Uniracers!

Woolie and matt uniracers
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Game Uniracers
Episodes 1
Combined Length 19:23
Original Run Nov 30, 2013
Controller Matt and Woolie (Competitive)
“I want a pet unicycle that can freak out like this.” — Woolie

Woolie & Matt Play Uniracers! is a one-off episode in which Matt and Woolie race unicycles on multi-colored wires while doing Tony Hawk stunts.


Uniracers is hype....Uniracers is life!
— Video Description


Before Liberty City, it was all about the unicycles!
— Woolie
How is there no Matt! or Pat! I'm not surprised there's no Woolie.
— Matt, on the generic character names
This is truly a butt clencher.
— Matt
I did a triple twist last night, if you know what I'm saying.
— Matt
You're walking down the street at night and you see a bunch of unicycles coming down... you fucking one-eighty!
— Woolie
What racing game are you not allowed to see what the fuck's ahead of you?
— Matt
This game truly exemplifies the greediness of man, the human condition.
— Matt
You will approach the sun, and you will have to decide, should I go higher, dare my wings burn?
— Woolie, on the hubris of Uniracers
Otherway fucker! You think you know directions?
— Woolie
It's like some ancient Sumerian god going, 'You know what? Telephone Fighter 2!'.
— Matt
How is the last boss not a bicycle, coming down for the heavens?
— Woolie
Let the rage of the wheels drive your.... wheels.
— Woolie
Your tire may be flat, but your soul still burns!
— Matt

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