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Universal Serial Boys

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Length 3:46:24
Date Jul 3, 2017
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“It says a lot when I can look at a fucking Velociraptor with boxing gloves and think that that's a more natural fighting game character than this human.” — Pat

Universal Serial Boys is the two-hundred and fourth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

The peak of white civilization, Dead Cells, and Function vs Function 3. You can watch us record the podcast live on
— Website description


If you're physically larger, you can move somebody out of a bracket.
— Matt
It was a Decepticon that shot JFK. That's why they never found the second shooter. He was the gun.
— Pat
Is that an SCART cable? I'll fucking cut you.
— Woolie
It says a lot when I can look at a fucking Velociraptor with boxing gloves and think that that's a more natural fighting game character than this human.
— Pat
Who the fuck is whipping their car?
— Pat
People that are shaking them dreads.
— Woolie
His shit stains on his underwear are sevens at worse.
— Pat about Hideo Kojima's games

Letter Time Edit

Q: Is there anything we can do as gamers to get better usb cables that don't bend under their own weight? from The Spy Guy

  • Matt: No.
  • Pat: Anchor cables last slightly longer but that's as good as it gets.
  • Woolie: The best one I have is the one I got from my Playstation VR.

Q: Why do you guys hate Lars, Alisa, and Lucky Chloe? from Kenneth

  • Matt: I hate how Lars was inserted as mysterious son of Heihachi and his dumb hair. Alisa and Lucky Chole are just silly characters.
  • Pat: They're dumb anime bullshit. I hate Alisa's anime waifu bullshit and Lars should be cool but he's not. Lucky Chloe's designs don't fit their fighting styles.
  • Woolie: Character design. Aegis from Persona 3 is a better robot girl than Alisa. Nothing about Lucky Chloe indicates that she is a fighter.

Q: What's cooler, shooting a guy through a wall, shooting a guy through the ceiling, or shooting a guy through the floor? from Squinty Pete

  • Breaking a guy through a surface - All: The Floor
  • Shooting a guy with a gun - Matt: Through a wall, Pat & Woolie: Through the ceiling

Q: I think a whip is anything that can be used to cause damage in a whipping motion, from a normal bullwhip to a ball and chain or just chain, and my friend thinks it's just a bullwhip with something like the cat of nail tails being an outlier. Who is right? from Vince

  • Matt: You are super wrong.
  • Pat: You are wrong. You can whip anything verbalized but that doesn't make it a whip and a cat of nail tails is closer to a flail than a whip.
  • Woolie: You are wrong.

Q: Have you ever hated a character everyone else loved? My example is Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods. from Mike, the lowly king

  • Matt: I don't think everyone loves Mae.
  • Pat: I hate lots of characters that people love.
  • Woolie: It's a better question if it's "Have you ever loved a character that everyone else hates?".

Q: Have you ever loved a character that everyone else hates. from Woolie

  • Matt: Luke fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss.
  • Pat: I love lots of terrible characters because they're terrible and because other people hate them.
  • Woolie: Dilandau Albatau from Escaflowne.

Q: What do you think keeps the Hideo Kojima hype train rolling even after a string of mediocre games? from Eater

  • Matt: Even his mediocre games are good games.
  • Pat: He's a trailer-smith. He makes the best trailers ever.
  • Woolie: The gameplay is always good, it's the story that differs between great and okay.

Q: What series would you like to see exploring the origins of like what Snake Eater did with Big Boss? from Skewer Star

  • All: Devil May Cry' with Sparta.
  • Woolie: Jeff Bogard fighting tournament.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Spider-Man Homecoming and Baby Driver
  • Pat: Final Fantasy XIV
  • Woolie: Spider-Man Homecoming and Baby Driver

Trivia Edit

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